1873: Fatal Boat Accident

On Monday a fatal boat accident occurred between Kimmeridge and Warbarrow, Dorset. James Soper, late of Her Majesty’s ship Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth; Edwin Soper, seaman, Her Majesty’s ship Euphrates; John Quan, a native of Kimmeridge; and Jeremiah Quan, aged 19, seaman, Her Majesty’s ship Duke of Wellington, receiving ship for seaman awaiting draught at Portsmouth, started about 2 o’clock from Kimmeridge in a punt about 11ft long, with an extemporary mainsail, made with a mizzen from a larger boat. At the ledge at Warbarrow, where the sea is always very rough, the boat was capsized. All hands swam towards the shore, but, finding the tide too strong, returned to the boat. Jeremiah Quan, after holding on to the boat a short time, made another attempt to reach the shore, but was drowned. The others held to the boat for about a quarter of an hour, when, the accident having been witnessed from the shore, they were rescued by some fishermen. The men were sober and the boat was properly managed.

Published by The Times, 9 October 1873

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