1931: Death of Mrs. James Lucas


AN APPRECIATION. – A correspondent writes:

“The death of Mrs. James Lucas, at the age of 80, has broken the last link with the old generation so closely connected with Tyneham Farm. Widow of ‘Shepherd’ Lucas (who died six years ago), she had spent the whole of her married life in this parish, and it was only latterly that ill-health had obliged her to leave in order to be cared for by her youngest daughter. Life must have been very difficult to face, with ten children to bring up on the low wages of 40 years and more ago, but she maintained a quiet dignity and an uncomplaining disposition to the end. She was buried at Tyneham on Saturday in the presence of many children, grandchildren and friends. May she rest in peace.”

Published by Western Gazette, 3 April 1931

[Jane Lucas nee Diskett (1851-1931)]

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