The Smith Family lived at Tyneham Farm from 1909 to 1941. The family left Tyneham before the evacuation.

Walter Case Smith (1861-1948)

Walter was born in Swanage on 14 July 1861. He was baptised on Brownsea Island on 25 August 1861.

In 1881, Walter was a live-in barman at The Castle public house in Notting Hill, London. The following year he married Louisa Beasley.

In 1885 daughter May Louisa Smith was born at Chesterton in Oxfordshire (Louisa’s home village). On 1 Feb 1891 daughter Nellie Amelia Smith was born in London.

At the time of the census in 1891, Walter was in domestic service as a Butler. He was shown as single. Walter and Louisa divorced the following year.

By 1901, Walter was farming Slepe Farm near Arne. He was employing a housekeeper and a cowhand.

Walter married his housekeeper Kate Theodora Doble (1862-1938) on 11 June 1907 at Stoke Wake. Walter and Kate did not have any children.

Around 1909, Walter was farming Tyneham Farm. He had the nickname ‘Leather Jacket’.

In 1932 Walter was fined £20 for working four horses in an unfit state.

Kate died on 22 October 1938. In 1941 Walter sold all the assets of the farm and moved to Holly Lodge, Stapehill. He died on 28 January 1948. His estate was valued at £9,570 9s.

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The Grant Family lived at Gwyle Cottages in Tyneham from 1924 to 1942. The family left Tyneham a year before the evacuation.

Henry George ‘Harry’ Grant (1898–1977)

Harry was born on 8 December 1898 at East Stoke, Dorset. Harry married Beatrice Marjorie Smith (1901–1982). Marjorie was born on 15 May 1901 at Throop, Hampshire.

Harry and Marjorie had one son:

  • Arthur John Henry Grant (1922-2010) – see below

Harry died in 1977 and Majorie died in 1982.

Arthur Henry John Grant (1922-2010)

Arthur was born on 20 April 1922. In 1937 he left Tyneham, aged 15, to join the Merchant Navy.

Arthur married Dorothy Grace ‘Grace’ Rawles (1926–2015) in 1953 and they had a daughter and a son.

In 2006, Arthur wrote:

Mum took in children from the east end of London during the war. They had never seen the sea or had a holiday. One lady, now aged 76, wrote to me last year to say she still remembered Tyneham and wondered what I had done since then. I sent her some newspaper cuttings, I even found a photo of her sitting on the doorstep of our cottage.

Arthur died on 12 January 2010 aged 87 after a long illness and his ashes are buried in Tyneham Churchyard. Dorothy died on 13 August 2015 aged 88 years.