The Village that Died for England

Book Cover: The Village that Died for England

Author: Patrick Wright 1995
420 pages of which 12 contain monochrome illustrations
ISBN 0-224-03886-9

A note from the Author:
"The Village that Died for England was first published in hardback by Jonathan Cape in 1995, and by Vintage in paperback the following year. The text in both these editions is poorly presented with many errors – some my fault but a lot due to the fact that the copy editor at Cape was made redundant while working on the book. The text was corrected for the Faber edition of 2002, which is also revised throughout, including new material and also reinstating passages cut from the Cape edition in order to shorten the book. It is the only reliable version of the text. All editions are presently out of print, a situation I hope to rectify as opportunities arise."