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Cow Corner

Local Landmarks:

Brandy Bay

Broad Bench


Cow Corner

Flower’s Barrow

Gad Cliff

Gold Down

Hobarrow Bay

Pondfield Cove

Povington Heath

Tyneham Cap

Whiteway Hill

Worbarrow Bay

Worbarrow Tout

Coastal scenery in Worbarrow Bay, Isle of Purbeck

This view is looking west from the Flower's Barrow hillfort on Rings Hill. In the foreground is part of the iron-age hillfort which is slowly disappearing as the cliffs crumble into the bay below. Beyond this are the illuminated chalk cliffs at Cow Corner which form a knife-edge which drops down to Arish Mell. Beyond this, in shadow, is the eastern end of Bindon Hill on the far side of Arish Mell. To the left of this are the clear waters of Mupe Bay, with Mupe Rocks to the far left. On the horizon to the left of the picture, almost lost in the haze, is the northern end of the Isle of Portland.

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