Dorset Life Articles

The magazine “Dorset Life” has featured many articles on Tyneham and some of these articles have been reproduced online. Links to these are provided below.

“Dorset” county magazine first issue

The first “Dorset” magazine was launched by Rodney Legg in Spring 1968 and featured Tyneham prominently.

The magazine itself was primarily founded as a weapon in his first and best-known campaign: to return Tyneham to the villagers who had been evicted in 1943.

John Newth, September 2011

August 2009 – Legging it in Dorset – Kimmeridge to Worbarrow

Rodney Legg explores hills and cliffs inside the Purbeck ranges

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July 2010 – A funeral at Tyneham

Ivan Ruff’s research into Tyneham’s history has uncovered the sad story of little Phoebe Grebbell. Here he tells her tale.

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September 2011 – Rodney Legg (1947-2011) and Dorset Life

A personal memoir by John Newth

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August 2013 – Dorset walk: Tyneham and Worbarrow

Teresa Ridout explores Tyneham, Worbarrow Bay and Worbarrow Tout

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December 2013 – Fighting for Tyneham

The campaign to allow its residents to return to Tyneham was a more tangled story than it appears at first sight. John Newth does some unravelling.

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November 2014 – Down my way: Tyneham Sketchbook

Billa Edwards on her unique access to the ‘lost village’ and its surroundings

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June 2018 – Tyneham Revisited

Nick Churchill considers the effects of 75 years of army occupation on the ‘lost village’ that this magazine was launched to protect

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