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The Hull Family

                                                                                                 Susan Frances Hull

William Shetler Hull (1874-?)

William was baptised at Puddletown on 12 June 1874. In 1911, he was recorded as visiting Sydney & Dorothy Perry at Manor House, Lower Kingston Park, near Dorchester. He was shown as single, age 36, farm bailiff, born Piddletown.

Further information about the children of James Symes Hull (1837-1917) & Ann Tucker (1840-?):

Louisa Mary Alberta Symes Hull (1868-1955)

Louisa was baptised at Tyneham on 2 August 1868. She married George Mayo (1870-1934) in 1898. George farmed at Cokers Frome Farm at Stinsord, near Dorchester.

Louisa and George had one son:

George married Kathleen May Kent (1907-1993) in 1933. George and Kathleen had two sons and a daughter. George Algernon died in 1954 aged 56 and Kathleen died in 1993 aged 85. They are both buried at Stinsford along with son George Oliver who died shortly after birth.

George (senior) died in 1934 aged 63 and Louisa died in 1955 aged 86. They are both buried at Stinsford.  

Minnie Gertrude Anne Hull (1869-1945)

Minnie was baptised at Tyneham on 8 August 1869. She married farmer John Chilcott Davy(1866-?) of Netherbury, Dorset at Stinsford on 20 January 1891. Father John Symes Hull and sister Louisa were witnesses. Minnie and John lived at Netherbury for over 20 years. Minnie died in Bridport in 1945 aged 76.

Rosa Beatrice Hull (1872-1954)

Rosa Beatrice was baptised at Tyneham on 30 June 1872. In 1901 she was at Alum Chine Road, Bournemouth with her Aunt, Fanny Tucker, was also visiting. In 1911 she Rosa Beatrice was visiting her Aunt Fanny Tucker, this time at West Lulworth. Like Fanny, Rosa Beatrice did not marry. Rosa Beatrice was one of the executors when Fanny died in 1927. Rosa Beatrice died in 1954 aged 88.

Reginald William Tucker Hull (1875-1956)

Reginald was baptised at Tyneham on 26 January 1875 and married Minnie Olive Victoria Cooper (1901-1969) in 1921. Reginald and Millie had two boys, (one who died shortly after birth) and two girls. Reginald died in 1956 aged 81 and Minnie died in 1989 aged 88.

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Family photographs shown courtesy of Penny Alvis and Shirley Harrison

William Chubb Hull (c.1754-1833)

William Chubb Hull is believed to be the son of James and Susannah Hull (neé Chubb). William married Betty Palmer at Misterton, Somerset on 12 November 1776. William and Betty had five sons (the last two were twins), all baptised in the adjoining Dorset parish of South Perrott:

Betty died at South Perrott in November 1821 aged 69 and William (senior) died there in March 1833 aged 79.

Henry Palmer Hull (1777-1856)

Henry, William and Betty’s eldest son, was baptised at South Perrott on 27 September 1777. Henry married Mary Shitler at South Perrott by licence on 2 May 1804. Henry and Mary had three sons baptised at Misterton, Somerset:

Henry Palmer Hull (junior) married Rebecca Brook at Yeovil on 3 March 1829. He died at Yeovil in July 1831 aged just 26 and Rebecca died at Yeovil four months later in November 1831 aged just 27. They were buried at South Perrott.

In 1851, Henry Palmer Hull (senior) was recorded as visiting son William Shetler Hull at Tyneham in Dorset. Henry died five years later and was buried at Tyneham on 31 May 1856 aged 78.

William Shetler Hull (1806-1885)

William was baptised at Misterton, Somerset on 16 November 1806. William married Ann Lovell (c.1812-1884) at Mudford, Somerset on 8 October 1829. William and Ann had four children :

In the 1851 census, William was recorded as a farmer of 462 acres employing 8 labourers. Living with him were wife Ann, 39, daughter Hester 19 and sons William & Joseph, both aged 18. His widowed father, Henry Palmer Hull, 73 was a visitor, as too was wife Ann’s widowed mother, Hester Lovell 69.

At the time of the 1861 census, William, aged 54, was shown as a farmer of 500 acres employing 4 men and 2 boys. Living with him were wife, Ann, aged 49, son Joseph Symes Hull, 26, mother-in-law Hester Lovell, 79, and servant Grace Elizabeth Ayles 15.

In the 1871 census, William, aged 64, was shown living at Tyneham Farm House with wife Ann, aged 59, daughter Hester, aged 39, and servant Fanny Lucas. William was then farming 420 acres and employing 6 labourers and 4 boys.

Tyneham Farm c.1906

The picture was similar in 1881, with William aged 75, Ann aged 69, Hester aged 49 and servant Annie Jane Taylor living at Tyneham Farm House. William farmed 400 acres and employed 5 men and 2 boys.

William died at Tyneham on 20 February 1885 and was buried in the churchyard four days later. His three sons acted as Executors of his estate.

Hester Mary Shetler Hull (1831-1891)

Hester was born at Henstridge in Somerset and moved to Tyneham with her parents before 1851. Hester died at Tyneham Farm in 1891. She never married.

William Shetler Hull (1833-1897)

William Shetler Hull                                           Susan Frances Hull nee Skutt

William was born at Henstridge, Somerset in 1833 and moved with his parents to Tyneham before 1851. He married Susan Frances Scutt (1834-1898) at Tyneham on 12 February 1854. Susan was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Scutt of Baltington Farm, Tyneham.  

William and Susan had 7 children in total, the first four were born at Tyneham and the last three were born after the family’s move to Druce Farm near Puddletown:


In 1861, William aged 28 and Susan aged 27 were living at Hurst Farm House near Moreton, Dorset with daughters Elizabeth Ann 6 and Eleanor Florentina 3, and servant Mary Ridout 15 from Tyneham. William was farming 317 acres and employing 8 men and 3 boys.

In 1871, William aged 38 and Susan aged 37 were living at Druce Farm near Puddletown, Dorset with their children, Elizabeth16, Eleanor 12, Mary 9, Alice 6, Emily 4 and Susan 2, together with Governess Catherine Old aged 24, and servants Martha Riggs 24 (housemaid), Jane House 18 (cook) and Caroline Worran 18 (nursemaid). William was now a farmer of 1100 acres, employing 25 labourers and 20 boys.

Druce Farm near Puddletown

 © Copyright Jolyon Jesty - reproduced with kind permission

Druce Farm was the setting for Little Weatherbury Farm in Thomas Hardy's novel "Far from the Madding Crowd" published in 1874 when William Shetler Hull and family were in situ. Thomas Hardy is buried at Stinsford (see below).

By 1881, William was farming 2100 acres and employing 50 men and 30 boys and the family had two servants, Elizabeth Greening 33 and Jane Woodrow 15. Daughters Eleanor 22, Mary 19 and Susan 12 were at home along with son William 6.

Joseph Symes Hull (1835-1911)

Joseph was born at Mudford, Somerset c. 1835 and was living at Tyneham, Dorset by 1851.

Joseph married Mary Good at Pimperne near Blandford on 19 October 1870.

In 1871, Joseph and Mary were living at West Knighton. Joseph was farming 340 acres and employing 6 men and 3 boys.

Joseph and Mary had three children, all born at West Knighton:

In 1881, Joseph aged 46 and Mary 42 were living at Stinsford with son Wyndham J, aged 8, and daughter Flora M, aged 5. They had three visitors, Bessie Good 27, Ann M Symes 14 and Ernest Miles 28 (a brewer). Joseph was farming 413 acres and employing 11 men, 2 women and 3 boys.

Stinsford Farm is about one mile east of Dorchester.

Stinsford Farm House

Now part of Kingston Maurward Agricultural College

 © Copyright Weymouth Pictures - click to see more of their images of Stinsford

In 1891, Joseph 56 and Mary 51 were still at Stinsford with son Joseph W 18, daughter Flora M 15, niece Ann M Symes 24 (who was living on her own means) and servant Rosanna Painter 14.

In 1901, the family were still together but niece Ann had moved out. Joseph was now 66, Mary 62, son Joseph 28 and daughter Flora 22. Their servant was Alice M Gray 19. By 1911, daughter Flora had moved out (she married William Rupert Tory at Stinsford on 24 February 1903.

Joseph died in 1911, aged 76, as too did his wife Mary, aged 73. They are buried at Stinsford.

James Symes Hull (1837-1917)

James married Ann Tucker (1840-) at East Stoke by licence on 12 September 1867. James was shown as a Yeoman and was living in Tyneham. Ann was baptised at Corscombe on 22 August 1840 and was the daughter of Samuel and Eliza Tucker (nee Groves). At the time of her marriage, she was living at East Stoke and her father, Samuel, was shown as a Yeoman as too was James’ father, William Shetler Hull.

James and Anne had 4 children all baptised at Tyneham:

In 1871, James aged 33 and Ann aged 30 were living at Baltington Farm House with their first two children, Louisa 2 and Minnie 1, servant Sarah Hawkins (born at Corscombe) and visitor, Jane Tucker. James was a farmer of 240 acres employing 4 labourers and 1 boy.

Baltington Farm

In 1881, James, aged 43, was living at Baltington Farm House with wife Anne, 40, three daughters, Louisa 12, Minnie 11 and Rosa Beatrice 9, with son Reginald 6, governess Mary E Priddle and servant Elizabeth Burt. James farmed 400 acres at Baltington employing 5 men and 4 boys while his father William farmed 400 acres at Tyneham and employed 5 men and 2 boys.

At the time of his father’s death in 1885, James had moved to Lower Bockhampton farm, about 2 miles east of Dorchester, and by 1891 had moved on to Stinsford Farm, about 1 mile east of Dorchester.

James died on 17 June 1917 at Rew House, Winterborne St. Martin (more commonly known as Martinstown) 4 miles south-west of Dorchester and is buried at Stinsford. His executors were his widow Ann and farmers John Chilcott Davy (husband of daughter Minnie) and George Mayo (husband of daughter Louisa).

“The Hulls were tenants of both Baltington and Tyneham farms for many years, Joseph at Tyneham and his brother James at Baltington. They were successful farmers and had charming families. By the time I was old enough to take some note of Tyneham people the farm was in the hands of Miss Hester Mary Hull who was living alone at Tyneham and soon to depart herself. I have some pleasant memories of her kindness to us children, asking us into her parlour as we passed on the way to the sea and giving us crisp and sugar-topped mixed biscuits.

James Hull later rented Higher Kingston Farm, near Dorchester and, after his death, his gifted daughter Rosa Beatrice, lived to a good age in the county town. With her traditional friendship of our families was happily maintained until her death in 1954.”

Lilian Bond, 1956

Further information about the children of William Shetler Hull (1833-1897) & Susan Frances Hull nee Scutt (1834-1898):

As stated earlier, William and Susan had 7 children in total - six girls and a boy.

The Hull Girls

believed to be, clockwise from top left:

Eleanor Florentina, Mary Jane, Alice Kate and Emily Maud

Elizabeth Anne Hull (1854- 1917)

    Elizabeth Ann Paull          William Joseph Paull    ‘Willie’ & Ellen Paull            ‘Harry’ Paull

Elizabeth was baptised at Tyneham on 8 June 1854. She married William Joseph Paull at Puddletown on 28 March 1877. They had two sons, William Ernest ‘Willie’ Paull born 1878 and William Henry ‘Harry’ Paull born 1879. Ernie married Ellen Dorothea Jobling and Harry married Doris Louise Plummer (1898-1956). Willie died in 1953 at Croydon and Harry died in 1963 in London.

Eleanor Florentina Hull (1859-1939)

Eleanor was born at Baltington Farm, Tyneham on 16 March 1859 and baptised at Tyneham on 20 April 1859. She married Robert Duke (1855-1940) at Puddletown on 12 October 1882.

Eleanor and Robert had six children; Robert Duke (1883-1890); Lucy Duke (1884-1976) who married Maurice William Radclyffe (1880-1944); William John Street Duke (1888-1951); Robert Street Duke (1892-1915); Mary Duke (1893-?); Eleanor Duke (1896-1977) who married Ernest William Evans.

Eleanor died at Bridgwater, Somerset on 18 December 1939 and Robert died there less than six months later on 29 May 1940.

Mary Jane Hull (1861-)

Mary was born at Hurst Farm, Moreton but was baptised at Tyneham on 5 June 1861. She married Henry James Rolls (1865-) in 1894 and had a son William Henry Rolls (1896-).

Alice Kate Hull (1865-1944)

                Alice and Frank in earlier life                                 Alice and Frank in later life

Alice was born at Hurst Farm near Moreton, Dorset on 25 February 1865 and was baptised at Tyneham on 30 March 1865. She married Frank Osmond at Puddletown on 20 August 1895. Frank was born at Dorchester on 21 September 1964 and was baptised at Fordington, Dorchester on 8 December 1864.

Frank (far left) took over as Manager of the Gas Works at Dorchester when his father William Osmond died in 1887. Frank was also an Insurance Agent for Scottish Union & National.

Alice and Frank had three daughters: Gladys Osmond (1896-1979) who married Cecil Augustus Marsh (1893-1979); Susan Dorothy Osmond (1898-1975) and Phyllis Ivy Osmond (1902-2000) who married Clifford John Horne (1900-1996).

The Osmond Girls, Phylllis, Susan & Gladys, pictured at Dorchester c.1907

The marriage of Clifford Horne to Phyllis Osmond

September 1929, Salisbury House, Dorchester, Dorset

From left to right John and Alice Horne (groom's parents), Doris Horne, Clifford and Phyllis nee Osmond, Susan Dorothy Osmond, Ronald Horne (brother and Best Man) and Frank and Alice Osmond (bride's parents)

Frank Osmond died on 21 April 1944 aged 79 and his widow Alice died just over six months later on 8 November 1944 also aged 79. They are buried together at Dorchester Cemetery.

Emily Maude Hull (1866-1935)

Emily was born at Druce Farm House near Puddletown and was baptised at Puddletown on 26 December 1866. Emily married Robert Shapland at Barnstaple, Devon in 1899.

Emily and Robert had a daughter Dorothy Susan Shapland (1900-1966) who married Elen R Ley and a son Robert William Shapland (1902) who died soon after birth.

Emily died at Tawstock in Devon on 23 October 1935 and Robert died 4 February 1953 at Barnstaple in Devon.

Susan Frances Hull (1868-?)

Susan was born at Druce Farm House near Puddletown and was baptised at Puddletown on 24 January 1868. She married widower Henry Lloyd Pratt (1855-) in 1901. Susan and Henry had a son, Lawson Druce Lloyd Pratt (1903-1964). Lawson married Dorothy Battye (1905-) and they had three daughters, Ruth, Sheila and Dorothy.