The Hull family lived at Tyneham from before 1851 to

William Shetler Hull (1806-1885)

William was baptised at Misterton, Somerset on 16 November 1806. William married Ann Lovell (c.1812-1884) at Mudford, Somerset on 8 October 1829.

William and Ann had four children :

  • Hester Mary Shetler Hull (1831-1891) – Hester was born at Henstridge in Somerset and moved to Tyneham with her parents before 1851. Hester died at Tyneham Farm in 1891. She never married.
  • William Shetler Hull (1833-1897) m. Susan Frances Scutt (1834-1898)
  • Joseph Symes Hull (1835-1911) m. Mary Good (1839-?)
  • James Symes Hull (1837-1917) m. Ann Tucker (1840-?)

In the 1851 census, William was recorded at Tyneham as a farmer of 462 acres employing 8 labourers. Living with him were wife Ann, 39, daughter Hester 19 and sons William & Joseph, both aged 18. His widowed father, Henry Palmer Hull, 73 was a visitor, as too was wife Ann’s widowed mother, Hester Lovell 69.

At the time of the 1861 census, William, aged 54, was shown as a farmer of 500 acres employing 4 men and 2 boys. Living with him were wife, Ann, aged 49, son Joseph Symes Hull, 26, mother-in-law Hester Lovell, 79, and servant Grace Elizabeth Ayles 15.

In the 1871 census, William, aged 64, was shown living at Tyneham Farm House with wife Ann, aged 59, daughter Hester, aged 39, and servant Fanny Lucas. William was then farming 420 acres and employing 6 labourers and 4 boys.

The picture was similar in 1881, with William aged 75, Ann aged 69, Hester aged 49 and servant Annie Jane Taylor living at Tyneham Farm House. William farmed 400 acres and employed 5 men and 2 boys.
William died at Tyneham on 20 February 1885 and was buried in the churchyard four days later. His three sons acted as Executors of his estate.

Hester Mary Shetler Hull (1831-1891)
Hester was born at Henstridge in Somerset and moved to Tyneham with her parents before 1851. Hester died at Tyneham Farm in 1891. She never married.

William Shetler Hull (1833-1897)

William was born at Henstridge, Somerset in 1833 and moved with his parents to Tyneham before 1851. He married Susan Frances Scutt (1834-1898) at Tyneham on 12 February 1854. Susan was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Scutt of Baltington Farm, Tyneham.  

William and Susan had 7 children in total, the first four were born at Tyneham and the last three were born after the family’s move to Druce Farm near Puddletown:

  • Elizabeth Anne Hull (1854-1917) m. William Joseph Paull (1838-1880)
  • Eleanor Florentina Hull (1859-1939) m. Robert Duke (1855-1940)
  • Mary Jane Hull (1861-?) m. Henry James Rolls (1866-?)
  • Alice Kate Hull (1865-1944) m. Frank Osmond (1864-1944)
  • Emily Maude Hull (1866-1935) m. Robert Shapland (1871-1953)
  • Susan Frances Hull (1868-1948) m. Henry Lloyd Pratt (1855-1945)
  • William Shetler Hull (1874-1946) m. Annie Sarah Worsdell (1874-1946)

In 1861, William aged 28 and Susan aged 27 were living at Hurst Farm House near Moreton, Dorset with daughters Elizabeth Ann 6 and Eleanor Florentina 3, and servant Mary Ridout 15 from Tyneham. William was farming 317 acres and employing 8 men and 3 boys.

In 1871, William aged 38 and Susan aged 37 were living at Druce Farm near Puddletown, Dorset with their children, Elizabeth16, Eleanor 12, Mary 9, Alice 6, Emily 4 and Susan 2, together with Governess Catherine Old aged 24, and servants Martha Riggs 24 (housemaid), Jane House 18 (cook) and Caroline Worran 18 (nursemaid). William was now a farmer of 1100 acres, employing 25 labourers and 20 boys.

Joseph Symes Hull (1835-1911)

Joseph was born at Mudford, Somerset c. 1835 and was living at Tyneham, Dorset by 1851.

Joseph married Mary Good at Pimperne near Blandford on 19 October 1870.

In 1871, Joseph and Mary were living at West Knighton. Joseph was farming 340 acres and employing 6 men and 3 boys.
Joseph and Mary had three children, all born at West Knighton:

  • William Good Hull (1871-1872)
  • John Wyndham Hull (1872-1968) m. Margaret Swatridge Cox (1885-1970). John and Margaret had two daughters, Mary and Daisy. On 15 November 1940, a French two-seater monoplane landed unexpectedly in a field at Hull’s Farm, Stinsford and Daisy got the two occupants to sign her autograph book! (Dorsetshire Aero Club started in the summer 1928 from a field owned by Mrs Hull of Stinsford and Dorchester was also in Provincial Airways 1934 timetable as a request stop on their ‘West Country Air Service’).
  • Flora Mary Hull (1875-1961) m. William Rupert Tory (1872-1954

In 1881, Joseph aged 46 and Mary 42 were living at Stinsford with son Wyndham J, aged 8, and daughter Flora M, aged 5. They had three visitors, Bessie Good 27, Ann M Symes 14 and Ernest Miles 28 (a brewer). Joseph was farming 413 acres and employing 11 men, 2 women and 3 boys.

Stinsford Farm is about one mile east of Dorchester

James Symes Hull (1837-1917)

James married Ann Tucker (1840-) at East Stoke by licence on 12 September 1867. James was shown as a Yeoman and was living in Tyneham. Ann was baptised at Corscombe on 22 August 1840 and was the daughter of Samuel and Eliza Tucker (nee Groves). At the time of her marriage, she was living at East Stoke and her father, Samuel, was shown as a Yeoman as too was James’ father, William Shetler Hull.

James and Anne had 4 children all baptised at Tyneham:

  • Louisa Mary Alberta Symes Hull (1868-1955) m. George Mayo (1870-1934)
  • Minnie Gertrude Anne Hull (1869-1945) m. John Chilcott Davy (1866-?)
  • Rosa Beatrice Hull (1872-1954)
  • Reginald William Tucker Hull (1875-) m. Minnie Olive Victoria Cooper (1901-1969)

In 1871, James aged 33 and Ann aged 30 were living at Baltington Farm House with their first two children, Louisa 2 and Minnie 1, servant Sarah Hawkins (born at Corscombe) and visitor, Jane Tucker. James was a farmer of 240 acres employing 4 labourers and 1 boy.

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