The Mores Family

William Mores (1839-1886)

William was born at Milborne Port, Dorset and baptised there on 15 September 1839. He was the son of Samuel Moores and his wife Mary.

William married Anne Humphreys (1836-1924)

William and Anne had the following children:

  • Mary Amelia Mores (1870-1937)
  • William James ‘Jim’ Mores (1872-1945)
  • Arthur Humphrey Mores (1875-1957)
  • Henry Davis Mores (1877-1933)

The shepherd’s house was neighboured by the post office and shop. The Mores’, mother & sons, were its occupants when I knew it first and one son was the village baker. Another worked as under-gardener at the House and a third, Jim, married our pretty housemaid Alice and with her worked a small heath farm at Povington. After the family moved from Tyneham there was no successor in the bakery, and bread thenceforward came from Corfe in Hibbs’ van.

Lilian Bond

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