The Pritchard Family


The Pritchard family lived at Tyneham from 1921 to 1928

Malvina Pritchard nee Harper (c.1875-1964)

Malvina was born on 30 November 1874 at. She was the daughter of Richard Harper (1843-1912) and his wife Elizabeth Harper nee Underwood (1845-?).

Malvina Pritchard schoolmistress at Tyneham School
Malvina Pritchard

Malvina married Arthur Charles Pritchard (c. 1869-1929) in the Wolverhampton area in 1916.

Arthur Charles Pritchard b. Watford
Arthur Pritchard Senior

Malvina and Arthur had an adopted son Arthur Walter Pritchard (1917-1988)

Mrs Malvina Pritchard was Schoolmistress at Tyneham School from 1921 to 1928. She was succeeded by Mrs Leonora Haime. The family lived at 1 The Row – The School House.

Malvina left Tyneham to become head mistress at Melbury Abbas. Husband Arthur died on 11 February 1929.

Malvina retired in December 1934 and moved to Shaftesbury.

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