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Louis William Stickland 1841-1915

Louis was born 2 February 1841 and baptised 28 March 1841 at Tyneham. He was the son of William Lush Stickland (1814-1881) and his wife Susannah Stickland nee Orchard ((1811-1899). Louis followed in the family tradition of being a fisherman.

Louis married Mary Churchill (1838-1916) at Tyneham on 21 September 1863. Mary was the daughter of Charles & Abigail Churchill of Wareham and was a servant for the Bond family at Tyneham House.

Louis and Mary lived at Stickland’s Cottage, at the southern end of the South Egliston Gwyle, and they had four daughters and one son:

  • Gertrude Emma Louisa Stickland (1868-1869) – Louis and Mary’s first child was baptised at Kimmeridge on 2 February 1868 and sadly died less than a year later. She was buried at Tyneham on 6 January 1869.
  • Agnes Louisa Mary Stickland (1869-1940) – Agnes married Arthur Tom Bowring (1866-1947) and they lived at 2 Railway Cottages, London Road, Salisbury. Arthur and Agnes had a daughter, Gwendoline Ivy Bowring, who emigrated to Queensland, Australia and a son Ralph Oriel Bowring who died shortly after birth.
  • Gertrude Eliza Stickland (1874-1954) – Gertrude was baptised at Tyneham on 12 July 1864. She married George James Burgess at St. George, Hanover Square, London on 12 December 1905. George and Gertrude had three children, Jack, Freda and Arthur. Arthur died on 2 December 1940 when the Merchant Navy tanker Vincent Ross was sunk by a U-Boat with the loss of all hands.
  • Caroline Jane Stickland (1877-?) – Caroline was baptised at Tyneham on 1 April 1877.

We liked especially to visit Louis Stickland at the sea end of South Egliston Gwyle. The little house was crowded with his handiwork, beautifully finished furniture and model ships. The Sticklands had been fishermen and boatbuilders for generations and bore the reputation of being “able to do anything with their hands”. Louis himself, a fine and dignified old man as I remember him, was thoughtful and well read, a talker well worth hearing. His mother had been governess to the Mansel family at Smedmore.

Lilian Bond

He walked to Tyneham church every Sunday morning, in a dark frock coat and square-top hat, whatever the weather, taking the difficult path round Tyneham Cap and striking across to the Farm from the Ocean Seat. It was only on very stormy days that he varied his route and came by Egliston Gwyle, Parson’s Mead and Shoemaker’s Lane. His faithful attendance at church was matched by old Samuel Morey’s from over the opposite hill, whose place in the transept was never unfilled as long as his thin and crooked legs could carry him over from Povington.

Lilian Bond

Louis died on 13 May 1915 aged 74 and was buried at Tyneham on 17 May 1915. Mary died on 29 December 1916 at Winchester. At the time, she was living at the home of her daughter Agnes in Salisbury. She was buried at Tyneham on 1 January 1917.

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