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William Louis Stickland 1872-1947

Will was born on 15 September 1872 and was baptised at Tyneham on 20 October 1872. He was the son of Louis William Stickland (1841-1915) and his wife Mary Stickland nee Churchill (1838-1916). Will was a fisherman.

Will Stickland, Louis’ only son, inherited his father’s skill and artistry is joinery and carving. He kept the family tradition alive long after his father’s death.

Lilian Bond

Will married Nellie Shore (1885-1968) on 27 September 1914 at Crediton in Devon. Nellie was born on 11 October 1885 at Copplestone in Devon. In 1911 she was a parlourmaid at St Alphege, Bournemouth Road, Parkstone, Dorset.

Will and Nellie had one son:

In the Spring 1920 Electoral Register, Will and Nellie were listed under Steeple Parish.

Nellie was very strict as a person and quite often disciplined her son Fred by making him stand facing into the corner of the room for hours at a time. The other punishment would be weeding the path and having it inspected until there were no weeds left.

Ron Boobier (cousin from Devon who stayed at the cottage each summer on holiday)

Life was tough for the family living in Sticklands Cottage at the southern end of the South Egliston Gwyle. Nellie worked on the Smedmore Estate during the day and William worked long hours either out fishing or in the boat house at Charnel building fishing boats or furniture for the cottage, estate or anyone else. In the evening his time was spent in the back of the cottage cooking shell fish or in the spare rooms mending the nets and pots.

Will and Nellie were evicted from Sticklands Cottage at Charnel in December 1943.

The evacuation robbed him of his home, his boats and workshops and he failed to recover from the shock of the uprooting. For a while he stayed on in the Gaulter cottages, then, when it grew too evident that the promises of reinstatement would not be honoured, moved down to Plymouth to be near his sailor son but did not long survive the change. So ended one more line of English craftsmen whose chief pride was in their handiwork and who enriched their country by their industry and integrity. Dorset could ill afford to lose them.

Lilian Bond

Will died at Plymouth on 3 July 1947. He was living at 92 South Down Road, Beacon Park, Plymouth. Nellie died on 11 March 1968.

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