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The Tizzard family lived at Worbarrow from 1874 to 1915 and also at Double Cottages.

Tizzard surname tiles in Tyneham Church
Tizzard surname tiles in Tyneham Church

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Richard Tizzard (1838-1915)

Richard Tizzard (son of James Tizard and Jane Tizzard) was born on 16 September 1838 at Winterbourne St. Martin, Dorset, England, commonly known as Martinstown.

Richard married Mary Ann Ironside on 17 Oct 1861 in The Parish Church, Dorchester, Dorset England, daughter of Samuel Ironside and his wife Eliza Ironside nee Carter.

Richard and Mary Tizzard had eleven children, one of whom died shortly after birth:

  • Alfred Tizzard (1862-1896) born at Winterborne Steepleton
  • Samuel Thomas James Tizzard (1865-1944) born at Ulwell
  • Emma Jane Tizzard (1867- ) born at Ulwell
  • Eliza Ann Tizzard (1870-1936) born at Woolgarston
  • William John Tizzard (1872-1947) born at Woolgarston
  • Alice Hannah Tizzard (1874-1962) born at Worbarrow
  • George Edward Tizzard (1876-1945) born
  • Jane Elizabeth Tizzard (1878-1967) born at Tyneham
  • Joseph Charles Symonds Tizzard (1880-1880) born at Baltington
  • Mary Ann Tizzard (1882-1937) born at Worbarrow
  • Robert Charles Tizzard (1884-1976) born at Worbarrow

More information about each child is provided later.

Five children emigrated to Canada: William, Alice, George, Mary and Robert and a sixth, Eliza, joined the later (1924).

In 1867 the family were living at Ulwell near Swanage. Richard was a labourer, possibly working at Godlingston Farm.

In 1871, the family were living at Woolgarston near Corfe Castle where Richard was employed as an agricultural labourer by farmer James Crocker of Woolgarston Farm.

Richard died on 7 October 1915 at Worbarrow.

The Tizzard family, such of them as were left at home, composed the backbone of the staff of workers on the farm [Tyneham Farm]. Alfred, the eldest, helped his father with the hedging and ditching and with the carpentry of the estate. William and George were carters and Charlie carter’s boy. One sister, Mrs. Pitman [Emma, known as Jane], kept the post office and shop, and another was her father’s housekeeper. They represented a fine type of Dorset worker and had their sterling character written in their candid faces.

Lilian Bond

Alfred Tizzard (1862-1896)

Alfred was born at Winterborne Steepleton, Dorset on 5 May 1862 and baptised there on 6 July 1862. By 1871 he was living at Woolgarston near Corfe Castle.

Alfred married Mary Harvell (1860-1937) at West Lulworth on 27 August 1892. Alfred and Mary had one child, a daughter Elizabeth Mary Jane Tizzard who sadly died aged just 4 months in 1896. She was baptised at Tyneham on 23 May and buried at Tyneham on 6 October.

Alfred played for Tyneham in a quoit match against Egglestone in 1899.

Alfred and Mary lived at Double Cottages in the western end cottage.

The cottage held the Alfred Tizzards, who would have managed well in it by themselves but [they] had Mrs. Tizzard’s invalid brother, Philip Harvell, living with them and were seldom without a brother’s or sister’s child as well.

For such a number the one living-room was far too small, the stairs were steep and awkward for the sick man and the bedroom space inadequate. My father had no other house available and, for poor Philip’s sake, he shut his eyes to the overcrowding which he disapproved.

Lilian Bond

Mary’s brother, Philip John Harvell (1859-1917) had been an agricultural labourer living at West Lulworth. By the time of the 1901 census he was living with Alfred and Mary at Tyneham and recorded as paralysed.

In spite of the congestion the small living room was bright and cosy and Mrs. Tizzard made a happy home of it. I had a deep affection for her, more than for any of the other Tyneham friends, and spent many hours with her and Phil. Both were as good as gold, affectionate and gentle, hearing their troubles with no murmur of complaint. Poor Philip was brought down by Alfred , every morning, with the help of a neighbour or of Mr. Homan, and set in an armchair by the fire where he stayed for the rest of the day, reading a little but mostly looking out of the window and across the valley to the hill. I never once saw Phil impatient and his sister was as gallant as himself both then and when in later life she too became quite helpless. They spoke in the soft-sing Dorset manner and to be in their company was to experience peace and serenity. Some of my earliest contacts with true saintliness I owe to them and, in my long life, have met few to equal those two friends and the others sharing the same quality in the neighbourhood of Tyneham.

Lilian Bond

By 1911, Alfred and Mary had left Tyneham and were living at Milton End, Winterborne Whitechurch.

One of my treasured possessions is a Staffordshire jug, long handed down from mother to daughter in Mrs. Tizzard’s family. She had intended me to have it at her death but gave it to me in her lifetime.

Lilian Bond

After Phil’s death the Tizzards moved away from Tyneham and it was many years later before we met again at Puddletown. By that time she was bedridden and totally dependent upon Alfred’s gentle ministrations. He nursed and tended her devotedly and, in a tiny, inconvenient house, she looked as perfectly cared for as she might have done in a well-staffed hospital ward. She was as patient and as bright as ever in her helpless and monotonous existence. Asked if a wireless set would give her pleasure her face lit up like that of a delighted and excited child but she did not live to see the set installed, dying a few days later just as quickly and unobtrusively as she had lived.

Lilian Bond

Alfred died in 1952 aged 90. He was buried at Puddletown on 14 February 1952.

Samuel Thomas James Tizzard (1865-1944)

Samuel was born on 13 January 1865. He moved to Kingston, near Corfe Castle.

Samuel died on 25 July 1944.

Emma Jane Tizzard (1867- )

Emma was born at Ulwell on 14 August 1867. She was baptised at Swanage on 29 September 1867.

Emma married Walter William Pittman in 1894 and they had two children, one of whom died shortly after birth:

  • Ernest Walter Pittman
  • Edith Annie Pittman – became Sub-Postmistress at Tyneham Post Office

Walter died in 1900. In 1901 Emma was living with her sister Eliza and family.

Eliza Ann Tizzard (1870-1936)

Eliza was born on 22 June 1870 at Corfe Castle.

Eliza married George Blake, a Prudential Insurance agent.

Eliza died on 6 September 1936.

William John Tizzard (1872-1947)

William was born on 16 March 1872.

William died on 14 June 1947 at Regina General Hospital, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Alice Hannah Tizzard (1874-1962)

Alice was born at Worbarrow on 19 February 1874.

Alice emigrated to Canada in 1907.

On 27 January 1909 she married Ernest Arthur Pitman at Edmonton, Alberta. Ernest was born at Bowerchalke, Wiltshire.

Alice and Ernest had two children:

  1. Ernest Arthur Pitman (1909-2001)married Elsie Dagna Windum (1912-2006)
  2. Lilian Alice Pitman (1916-1986) married Suffolk-born John Maxwell Saville (1912-1998), a veterinary surgeon

Alice died on 19 December 1962 at Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

George Edward Tizzard (1876-1945)

George was born on 31 March 1876.

He emigrated to Canada.

George died on 22 November 1945 at Ribstone, Alberta, Canada.

Jane Elizabeth Tizzard (1878-1967)

Jane was born at Tyneham on 9 May 1878.

She married Charles Clouder (1867-1949) in 1898 and had one son:

  • Reginald Charles Clouder (1900-1966)

Jane died at Redbridge, Essex in 1967.

Joseph Charles Symonds Tizzard (1880-1880)

Joseph Charles Symonds Tizzard, Joseph was born 13 August 1880 at Baltington.

He died on 26 August 1880.

Mary Ann Tizzard (1882-1937)

Mary, known as Polly, was born at Worbarrow on 10 March 1882.

Polly emigrated to Canada.

Polly died in 1937 at Provost Hospital, Provost, Alberta, Canada.

Robert Charles Tizzard (1884-1976)

Robert, known as Charlie, was born at Worbarrow on 4 December 1884.

Charlie emigrated to Canada.

Charlie died on 29 August 1976 at Provost, Alberta, Canada.

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