William Woadden was Coachman and then Butler to the Bond family at Tyneham House.

William Thorner Woadden (1837-1919) = Mary Ann Cozens Wills (1836-1910)

William was born in 1837 at Up Sydling, Dorset to Robert Woadden (c.1810-1847), a woodman, and his wife Ann Woadden nee Thorner (1814-1896). William, their first child, was baptised at Sydling St Nicholas on 23 April 1837.1 Robert, of Litton Cheyney, married Ann, of Upwey, on 19 June 1836 at Upwey.2

When William was 10 his father Robert died. His mother Ann was left to raise William and his four siblings.

By 1851 the family had moved to Long Bredy, Dorset. William aged 14 was now an agricultural labourer and his mother Ann was employed as a laundress.3

By April 1861, the family were living at the Post Office, Puncknowle, Dorset. William aged 24 was still an agricultural labourer and mother Ann was still working as a laundress.4

Five months later, on 26 September 1861, William, now a groom, married house servant Mary Ann Cozens Wills (1836-1910) at Puncknowle, Dorset. Both signed with their names and William’s brother Robert and future wife Eliza Legg (three months pregnant) were witnesses.5

Mary was the daughter of

William and Mary had four children:

1. Elizabeth Woadden (1862-1870) – Elizabeth was born at Puncknowle and baptised there on 26 November 1862. Sadly Elizabeth died aged 7 years 11 months on 15 October 1870 and was buried at Tyneham on 19 October 1870.

The inscription on Elizabeth’s gravestone

2. John William Woadden (1866-1944)John, born at Tyneham, married Edith Mann and they had six children – see below for more information

3. Julia Ann Woadden (1869-1920) Julia was born at Tyneham on 2 May 1869. Julia did not marry. She died at West Street, Corfe Castle on 28 November 1920 aged 52.

4. Robert James Woadden (1871-1935)

By 1866, William, Mary and daughter Elizabeth had moved to Tyneham where William gained employment as a coachman. Children John, Julia and Robert were born at Tyneham but sadly daughter Elizabeth died in 1870 aged 7 before Robert’s birth.

By 1871

In 1881

In 1891

The butler, William Woaden, was the last of the master brewers and his expert methods turned out excellent beer. Each of the indoor servants had a quart, as far as I remember, of home-brew at the principal meals of the day and, when beer was beer, the allowance must have helped to build up healthy constitutions in the younger members of the household.

When William Woadden went into retirement the brewing came to an end. The art, like many another cottage industry, was killed by the rapid spread of mass-produced commodities.

Lilian Bond

In May 1898, William was seeking pastureland to rent:

See next sections below for more about William and Mary’s children:

John William Woadden (1866-1944) = Edith Mann (1866-1939)

John was born on 5 July 1866 at Tyneham and was baptised on 8 August 1866.

John married Edith Mann (1866-1939) at Tyneham on 30 March 1891.

John and Edith had six children:

  1. Reginald William Woadden (1892–1972) married Charlotte Hannah Foulds (1892–1972)
  2. Algernon Francis Woadden (1894–1970) married Freda Alathea Nash (1894–?)
  3. Raymond Arthur ‘Arthur ‘ Woadden (1899–1990) married Alice Kate Ward (1895-1978)
  4. Cecily Edith Woadden (1901–1989) married William Charles Paulin Cull (1903-1986)
  5. Beatrice Mary Woadden (1904–1993) married Cyril Austin Herbert Carson (1908–1967)
  6. Clifford John Woadden (1906–1994) married Annie Burt (1900-1989)

In 1920 John was a butler.

In March 1931, John was elected as a Corfe Castle parish councillor.

John, Edith and family moved to Broughton Astley, Lincolnshire.

Robert James Woadden (1871-1935) = 1. Fanny Sargeant (1866-1933)

Robert married Fanny Sargeant (1866-1933) on 21 January 1909.

In 1911 Robert was a clay pit labourer and he and Fanny were living at Scotland, near Corfe Castle. They were Wesleyan Methodists.

Robert enlisted on 18 April 1918 and, although he was astigmatic, he was cleared for duty provided the medical category was no higher than B1. He was 5ft 4in, had brown hair, a fresh complexion and blue eyes. He was called up on 26 July 1918 and posted to the 13th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry. His regimental number was 54424. Less than two months later on 24 September 1918 he was discharged after being considered medically unfit, having suffered with deformed feet and ankles since birth.

Robert and Fanny did not have any children.

Fanny died in 1933 aged 66.

Robert James Woadden (1871-1935) = 2. Emily Jane Joyce nee Miller (1888-1970)

In March 1934, Robert placed the following advertisement:

The following week, Robert placed another notice in the paper:

Just five months later, Robert married widow Emily Jane Joyce nee Miller (1888-1970) on 25 August 1934. At the time of the marriage, he was living at ‘The Haven’, East Street, Corfe Castle. Emily, the daughter of Joseph Henry Miller (1857-1913) and Harriet Louisa Miller nee Murray (1857-1899)., was living at Worbarrow.

Robert died less than nine months later on 15 March 1935 aged 64. He was buried at God’s Acre Cemetery, Corfe Castle.

In 1947, Emily attended the funeral of her 93 year old aunt Harriet Deborah Miller nee White.

Emily died in 1970 aged 81.

Page last updated: 29 December 2020

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