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A CUP WON OUTRIGHT - The monthly shoot for the challenge cup took place on Tuesday evening, and wound up the shooting season. A Biles having won it twice before had to allow the other marksmen two points. On this occasion he made 45 points, and as none of the others made more than 42, he won it for the third time , and the cup became his absolute property. Only two others made 40 and over, viz. J Curtis 42 and W Meech 50

RIFLE CLUB - On Thursday evening the members of this Club journeyed to Corfe Castle for a friendly shoot with the members of the Reading room Club, and proved victorious by six points. Unfortunately for Corfe the sight of their rifle became disarranged, and they had to shoot with the Tyneham rifle, and this might have made a little difference in their shooting. The total score of the victors was 254, and for Corfe 240. After the shoot the members of the Tyneham Club proceeded to Mrs Day’s tea-rooms where an excellent supper awaited them. At the conclusion of the repost, the Rev. C. S. Homan proposed a cordial vote of thanks to Mrs Day for the capital spread she had provided for them. The rev. Gentleman’s remarks were greeted with loud cheers.

News from 1913