South Egliston

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Off Limits: South Egliston is strictly off limits at all times.

South Egliston (formerly Egglestone) lies to the south east of Tyneham. Sadly the area is off limits. Anciently it was a manor but by 1774 was just a farm.

The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset by John Hutchins published in 1774

If Tyneham was quiet and remote, South Egliston was yet more isolated, unget-at-able except by rough grass tracks from Kimmeridge and the Tyneham valley.

Lilian Bond

Former properties include:

South Egliston was neighboured closely by two South Tyneham houses, one of them occupied as a holiday home by Mr. Drew, the Wareham ironmonger, the other by the cattleman in charge of the young stock grazing on South Tyneham.

Lilian Bond
The 'holiday home' referred to by Lilian is believed to have been South Egliston Cottage.

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