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Off Limits: South Egliston House and all of South Egliston are strictly off limits at all times.

My twice great-grandfather, John of Tyneham and Grange, purchased the property in 1760, giving it to his second son, the Reverend Denis, at that time the incumbent of Steeple-cum-Tyneham, who built the house and spent the greater portion of his life in it until his death at the age of 87.

Lilian Bond

Great-uncle Nat of Grange, when he succeeded to South Egliston, built on additions to the house and my husband’s parents used it as a holiday cottage for their family. My mother-in-law had a particular affection for the place and loved to spend long periods of the summer there with relays of her eleven sons and daughters.

Lilian Bond

(4) House, at South Egliston (899797), of two storeys with walls of stone rubble and roofs covered with stone slates, was built early in the 18th century on a T-shaped plan with two panelled living rooms in the main S. part and the staircase occupying part of the back wing. The original windows had moulded stone architraves and were mostly of two lights with stone mullions. Early in the 19th century the ground-floor windows to the S. were enlarged to form French windows and a loggia added. The S. part was then extended by the addition of a third room on the W., fitted with original windows taken from the back wing, and additional service rooms were added later to the N.W. (Derelict)

'Tyneham', in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Dorset, Volume 2, South east (London, 1970), pp. 299-303. British History Online [accessed 7 March 2020].

There is a plan of the “Mansion House” known as “South Egglestone” in the Dorset History Centre, dated 1912.

R. J. Saville, 2009

The Dorset Poll Book for 1807 indicates that only one resident of the parish of Tyneham had the vote at that time: the Revd. Thomas Bond of “Eggleston”.

R. J. Saville, 2009

Tithe Map 1840 showing original T shape of South Egliston House

Near the top of the wood the pathway came out in a clear , open glade and beyond it appeared the charming low Georgian cottage with its row of French windows and long paved verandah.

Lilian Bond
Ordnance Survey Map published 1902 with properties identified

The small semi-circular grass plot in front of the house was ringed with bright flowering shrubs, hydrangeas and fuchias, montbretia and myrtle, and sheltered by ilexes, sycamores, chestnuts and yews. A peephole cut out in the trees framed a view of the sea.

Lilian Bond

South Egliston House residents have included:


  • Rev. Denis Bond (1719-1795)


  • Nathaniel Bond

1911, 1915, 1919, 1921, 1923

  • Leonora Sophia Bond (1871-1956)
  • Louise Charlotte Bond (1866-1963)

In July 1921, The Misses Bond placed South Egliston at the disposal of Walter Bond and his new bride Margaret nee Farquharson for the last few days of their honeymoon


  • Ivy Gladys Bartholemew nee Share (1886-1974)
  • Beatrice Ivy Lilian Bartholemew (1909-2006)


  • Ivy Gladys Bartholemew nee Share (1886-1974)

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