Sticklands Cottage

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Off Limits: South Egliston is strictly off limits at all times.

Stickland’s Cottage lies at the southern end of the South Egliston Gwyle in the south-east corner of Tyneham parish. It was home to generations of the Stickland Family.

In addition to the main cottage, there were some outbuildings that doubled up as ‘spare rooms’ for guests of the Tyneham Estate.

Like all other properties in the parish of Tyneham, Stickland’s Cottage was requisitioned in December 1943. William Louis Stickland (1872-1947) and his wife Nellie were forced to leave. Sadly little remains of the cottage today.

Ordnance Survey Map published 1902

With special thanks to William Louis Stickland’s great-grandson Jonathan Reid for his help in compiling this page and providing images

Page last updated: 20 March 2020

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