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Parishioners in 1943

The Parishioners

Please note that the list shown above excludes the names of those parishioners who lived in the forgotten parts of the parish, namely Povington and Whiteway, while it does include names of others who had passed away or left the parish before the evacuation in December 1943.

H. M. G. Bond

Henry Mark Garneys Bond (1922-2017): Known as Mark, he was the son of Ralph and Evelyn Bond. He later served in Royal Green Jackets and became Major-General and Brigadier. He was High Sheriff of Dorset in 1977.

E. M. G. Bond

Elizabeth Mary Garneys Bond (1921-2010): Elizabeth was the daughter of Ralph and Evelyn Bond. She married David Philip Williams, Third Baronet of Bridehead. She was High Sheriff of Dorset in 1979.

Mr & Mrs Ralph Bond

William Ralph Garneys Bond (1880-1952): Known as Ralph. He was High Sheriff of Dorset in 1945.

Evelyn Isabel Bond nee Blake (1884-1954): Evelyn was the person who pinned the note on to the church door in 1943 saying ‘’Please treat the church and houses with care. We have given up our homes where many of us lived for generations to help win the war to keep men free. We shall return one day and thank you for treating the village kindly’.‘

Ralph and Evelyn had two children, Henry and Elizabeth (see above).

Mr & Mrs William Bond

The ‘Mr &’ would appear to be an error as William Henry Bond died in 1935. His widow was Mary Caroline Bond.

Miss Margaret Bond

Margaret Helen Bond (1892-1988): Known as Margot. Spinster sister of Ralph.

The Misses Blake

Alice Victoria Blake (1887-1970): spinster sister of Mrs. Ralph Bond

Phyllis Constance Blake (1893-1976): spinster sister of Mrs. Ralph Bond

Mr & Mrs Churchill

Sidney George Churchill(1900-1975): In 1939 was farming West Cruxton Farm near Maiden Newton. Took over Tyneham Farm from Walter Case Smith not long before the evacuation.

Edith Laura Churchill nee Pitcher (1901-1973):

Mr & Mrs Curtis

Charles James Curtis (1879-1970): ‘James’ was born at East Grafton in Wiltshire. He was Captain of  the Air Rifle Shooting Club.

Lilian Bond wrote “James Curtis was head gardener, an expert at his work and a trusted friend, for eighteen years and was succeeded by his second in command Tom Gould”.

Annie Curtis nee Wilson (1877-?): Annie was born at Lymington.

James and Annie married at Lymington in 1907 and were living in Tyneham by 1911.  At the outbreak of World War 2  they were living at Sevenoaks, Kent where James was employed as Head Gardener. They did not have any children.

Joe Dando

Joseph Alfred Dando (1912-2002): Joe Dando worked as a Servant for the Bond Family at Tyneham House from 1926. He married Alice Edith ‘Rose’ Wellman, daughter of Bob & Alice Wellman, in 1934. Rose was also a servant at Tyneham House.

George & Ellen Davis

The ‘George &’ would appear to be an error as George Davis died in 1927.

Ellen Louise Davis nee Orchard (1884-1977):

Mr & Mrs Phillip Draper

Philip Draper (1902-1979): lived at ‘Sheepleaze’ on the cliffs above Worbarrow.

Mrs Jane Draper

Gwendoline Driscoll

Mrs Gwendoline Driscoll was the shopkeeper at the Post Office.

Mr & Mrs Durrant

Albert George Durrant (1915-1998):

Rosalind Emily Durrant nee Samways (1914-1966):

Albert and Rosalind came to Tyneham after the outbreak of World War 2. Albert enlisted with the Tyneham Home Guard in 1941.

Maud Ellis

Miss Maud Ellis: lived in ‘The Bungalow’ on the cliff edge overlooking Worbarrow Bay.

George, Lily & Archie Everett

George William Everett

Lily Everett

Archibald James Everett (1912-1970):

The Rev. & Mrs Frend

Revd. Edwin George Clifford Frend (1871-1937): Revd. Frend died before the evacuation.

Edith Frend nee Bacon (1876-1966): Edith lived

William Frend

William Hugh Clifford Frend (1916-2005): Second son of Revd. Edwin & Mrs Edith Frend.

Tom, Virtue & John Gould

Thomas Henry Mansbridge Gould (1872-1948): Tom was the Head Gardener.

Virtue Mary Park Gould nee Everett (1877-1964): Virtue was the sister of George Everett and aunt of Archie Everett.

Tom married Virtue at Tyneham on 20 April 1904.

John Cedric James Gould (1912-2010): John

Harry, Marjorie, Arthur Grant

Henry George Grant (1898-1977): Harry Grant was the woodman at Tyneham House from 1926.

Beatrice Marjorie Grant (1901-1982): Marjorie

Arthur Henry John Grant (1922-2010): Arthur later married Grace and had two children, Geoffrey and Annette. Arthur’s ashes are buried in the graveyard at Tyneham Church.

Cyril Griffiths

Cyril Frank Griffiths (1928-1998): Cyril was living with the Grant Family at Gwyle Cottages.

James & Edith Herd

Mrs Edith Herd nee Knight (1886-?): Born Edith Knight, she married Harry Barnes in 1908 at East Lulworth and then married Scotsman James Forgan Herd in 1920. Edith was Tyneham’s postmistress in the 1930s.

James Forgan Herd (1892-1943): James died early in 1943 before the eviction.

Charlotte & Helen Hole

Lottie Hole

William Holland

William Holland (1886-1946):

Herbert & Jessie House

Herbert John House (1889-1958): Herbert was the farmer at North Egliston, sometimes referred to as South Tyneham Farm.

Jessie Emily Pitcher House nee Bowditch (1893-1978): Jessie

Gerald, Gwen & Poppy House

Gerald, Gwen and Poppy were children of Herbert & Jessie House.

Gerald House (1918-2006):

Gwendoline ‘Gwen’ House (1923-):

Poppy Ciceley House (1925-2006): Poppy was 18 when evacuated. She married Clifford Budden in 1946 and they had three children.

William House

William House (1913-?): Married Violet Ruth Collins

Arthur & Rose House

Albert Arthur House married

Eveline Rose Collins

Sylvia House

Sylvia House (1919-1999): Daughter of Herbert & Jessica (Jessie) House of Povington Farm. She married George Francis Braisby (1917-2000) of Blackmanston Farm, Steeple in 1943 - they were the last couple to be married at Tyneham.

Mr & Mrs Howard

Charles Howard

Percy Howard

No further information yet available.

George Howard

No further information yet available.

Percy & Ellen Kerley

Percy Henry John Kerley (1886-1959): Percy

Ellen Louisa Mary Kerley nee Evans (1887-1972): Ellen

Albert & Reginald Longman

Lived at Baltington Farm.

Charles Meech

Thomas Charles Meech (1884-1971): Charlie was the son of Emily Taylor, the Laundress, from her first marriage to Thomas How Meech. Charlie was the ‘Odd Man’ at Tyneham House.

Jack & Alice Miller

John Alfred ‘Jack’ Miller (1866-1947): Also known as ‘Jam’.

Alice Mary White Miller nee Rose (c.1866-1959): known as ’Miggie’.

Jam and Miggie lived at Rose Cottage, above Worbarrow Bay.

Charles & Harriet Miller

Charles William Miller (1852-1943): Charlie died a few days after the evacuation and the Army gave permission for him to be buried at Tyneham.

Harriet Deborah Miller nee White (1854-1947): Harriet was buried at Wareham.

Charles and Harriet lived at Fern Cottage, Worbarrow.

Thomas & Minnie Miller

Minnie Louisa Miller (1885-1965):

Winifred & Beatrice Minterne

Winifred Elizabeth Minterne (1901-1973):

Beatrice Ann Minterne (1904-1966):

Tom Minterne

William Thomas Minterne (1862-1925):

The Rev. & Mrs Money

Revd. Humphrey Churchill Money (1884-1954) :

Mary Constance Money (nee Henderson) (c.1889-):

Mr & Mrs Pritchard & son Arthur

Mrs Malvina Pritchard (c.1875-1964): Principal Teacher at Tyneham School. Her husband was Arthur Charles Pritchard (c. 1869-1929).

Arthur Walter Pritchard (1917-1988): Arthur was their adopted son.

Mrs Rayner

No further information yet available.

Walter & Kate Smith

Walter Case Smith (1861-1948): Walter, nicknamed ‘Leather Jacket’, farmed Tyneham Farm during the 1930s and up to the eviction in December 1943. He moved to Holly Lodge at Stapehill near Wimborne and died on 18 January 1948.

Kate Theodora Smith nee Doble: Kate was Walter’s housekeeper at Arne. Walter and Kate married in 1907.

Arthur & Phillis Stockley

William Arthur Stockley (1908-?): Known as Arthur,

May Phyllis Stockley (1909-?): Known as Phyllis,

Mr & Mrs James Tassell

William, Elizabeth & Helen Taylor

William Taylor: William was the woodman of Tyneham and was appointed Parish Clerk and Sexton by the Bond family. His wife was Emily, the laundress. She also doubled as local ‘midwife’ and was also caretaker for the church and school. She died in 1917 aged 52.

Harriet Elizabeth Taylor (1892-d): Known as Bessie.

Helen Beatrice Taylor (1901-1999): Helen, known as ‘Beattie’ was the Seamstress at Tyneham House. She was the person who pinned the note on to the church door in 1943 saying ‘’Please treat the church and houses with care. We have given up our homes where many of us lived for generations to help win the war to keep men free. We shall return one day and thank you for treating the village kindly’.‘

After being displaced, the Taylor Family went to live at Corfe Castle.

Mr & Mrs Albert Toms

Albert Toms:

Mr & Mrs Upshall

William Upshall was a shepherd. The family lived at 4 The Row from 1925-1929.

Reginald Ware

Reginald Gower Ware (1891-1973): Reggie was an ex-soldier severely wounded in World War 1. His left arm was virtually useless and he also suffered serious injury to his abdomen. He lived at Gate Cottage near the lower end of the Gwyle Stream. He had a boat called Witch of Worbarrow.

Mrs Wheeler

Mary Jane Wheeler: Widow whose late husband John was a cotton magnate from the Midlands. Mary had no children of her own but adopted her sister’s four children when their parents died.

Bob & Alice Wellman

Robert Wellman (1887-1964): Robert married Alice Victoria Lucas in 1912.

Alice Victoria Wellman nee Lucas (1887-1975): Alice was the daughter of ‘Shepherd’ Lucas (James William Lucas 1848-1925).

Their daughter Alice ‘Rose’ Wellman married Joe Dando in 1934. Bob and Alice had other children including Vera, Jim, Ivy, Peter & Joyce.

Ernest & Evelyn Whitlock

Ernest George Whitelock (1905-1947): Ernest was a Carter.

Evelyn Mary Whitelock nee Kelly (1904-1989):

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