The Row

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MUST SEE: The Row is a former row of terraced houses now reduced to their shells. It is safe to wander in and out of the cottages.

The Row at Tyneham Dorset including the former post office and telephone kiosk
The Row in August 2017. Photo courtesy of Sara Mills.

Each house now contains a storyboard providing more information about who lived there in the past complete with photographs. For detailed information, click on each property in the list below.

The Row was a row of four terraced houses, numbered from the higher end nearest Tyneham Church. The properties were originally thatched, but were later tiled c. 1880.

Map and satellite view showing the location of The Row and Post Office at Tyneham
The Row at Tyneham circa 1900 with hedges before the stone wall was built
The Row c.1900 with hedges
The Row at Tyneham circa 1910 when walls had been built
The Row c. 1910 with walls
The Row c. 1935 with telephone box
The Row c. 1935

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