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MUST SEE: Tyneham Church has been restored and now includes an exhibition of village life.

Telling the story of the everyday lives of the villagers during the first half of the last century, the church exhibition serves as a memorial to their sacrifice. Their family names are displayed in the frieze of tiles around the church and their photographs look down from the oak panelled walls.

Getting there: From Tyneham Car Park head towards the Telephone Kiosk. Carry on up Post Office Row and Tyneham Church is straight ahead.

Please note the exhibitions in Tyneham Church, Tyneham Farm and Tyneham School open at 10am and close at 4pm.

Things to look out for at St Mary’s Church, Tyneham: 

  • Notice on Church Door

During the Second World War it became necessary for the British Army to extend its existing training area. The inhabitants of the Tyneham Valley were evacuated. When they left they pinned a note to the church door.

It read:

Please treat the church and houses with care. We have given up our homes, where many of us have lived for generations, to help win the war to keep men free.

We will return one day and thank you for treating the village kindly.

The Bible
  • Exhibition boards
One of many boards telling Tyneham’s story
  • Tiled Surnames
One of many surnames displayed on the walls
  • World War One Memorial Tablet
Click here for more information on those named
  • Stained Glass Windows
  • Tyneham Churchyard

What Three Words location for main entrance door = Mixing Cake Shifting

Brief history of Tyneham Church

  • Parts of Tyneham Church date from circa 1190.
  • In 1744 the church was altered considerably and the nave roof was covered with lead.
  • In 1832 the present South Transept was built replacing the much smaller original.
  • In 1880 the 14th Century South Porch was taken down and used to build a new West Porch.
  • In 1943 a note was pinned to the door ‘Please treat the church and houses with care’.
  • Today Tyneham Church includes an exhibition of village life.
  • Although the church has been de-consecrated it still belongs to the Diocese of Salisbury. The Ministry of Defence pays them £1 a year as rent.
  • Tyneham Church finally became a Grade II Listed Building on 17 December 2020, together with Tyneham School and the Village Fountain


Many rectors have served at Tyneham but the service of two in particular stand out:

  • Revd. Denis Bond was Rector for 53 years from 1742 to 1795
  • Revd. William Bond (1757-1852) was Rector for 57 years from 1795 to 1852

Click here for full list of Rectors

Page last updated: 3 July 2021

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