Double Cottages

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Double Cottages at Tyneham taken from the south-west

The top of the street was closed by a gate across the Lulworth road. A wicket gate alongside and a metalled pathway led to the head gardener’s cottage, passing the backs of two more houses on the way. These houses were both small and inconvenient and only suitable for housing one or at most two persons.

Lilian Bond

Occupants of Double Cottages

The cottage on the eastern side was home to:

  • 1881: John Richards and family
  • 1881: George Richards and family
  • 1881: George Richards

The cottage on the western side was home to:

  • 1881: William Guy and family
  • 1891: Charles Smith and family
  • 1901: Alfred Tizzard and family

Double Cottages Tyneham

The eastern cottage was long occupied by old George Richards and, when he could no longer “do for himself”, by a widowed sister who looked after him.

Lilian Bond

The other cottage held the Alfred Tizzards, who would have managed well in it by themselves but [they] had Mrs. Tizzard’s invalid brother, Philip Harvell, living with them and were seldom without a brother’s or sister’s child as well.

Lilian Bond

Location of Double Cottages

Double Cottages lie to the east of Tyneham Church and The Row

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