Gwyle Cottages

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Please be aware the ruined shell of Gwyle Cottages has now been fenced off for safety reasons but can be viewed from a short distance.

Gwyle Cottages comprised two non-identical semi-detached properties. Sadly only the ruins remain.

Gwyle Cottages Tyneham across the village pond

In February 1941, officers attached to the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, were billeted with local residents. Company Commander Captain Allen, second-in-command Lieutenant Higgins and 2nd Lt David Greville-Heygate stayed with Harry and Marjorie Grant who lived in the left-hand Gwyle Cottage. The officers found the cottage charming and the furniture beautiful (it had come out of the Grand Hotel in Swanage), but they were the only men in the battalion without electric light, hot water or gas.

Photograph courtesy of Reverend Toddy Hoare
Gwyle Cottage ruins

Occupants of Gwyle Cottages

Gwyle Cottages, comprising two non-identical semi-detached properties, were home to the following families:

Wellman family

from 1912 to 1936

Mrs Alice Wellman nee Lucas c.1927

Bob and Alice Wellman (nee Lucas) and their six children: Rose, Vera, James, Ivy, Peter and Joyce – see Wellman family page

Gould family

from ? until 1924

Thomas and Virtue Gould (nee Park) and son John – see Gould family page

Grant family

from 1924 to 1942

Harry and Marjorie Grant (nee Smith), son Arthur and adopted son, Cyril Griffiths – see Grant family page

Gale family


Jean Gale, two younger sons Anthony and Andrew and children’s nurse

The Gwyle Cottages Storyboard on site

Location of Gwyle Cottages

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