Fern Hollow

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This little house, tucked away in the fuchsias and spiny thickets by the road, was home to Jack Miller’s cousin, Charlie, and his wife Harriet. Though the Charlie Millers had no children of their own, Harriet was once a school mistress and their cosy home was often full of young visitors. When evacuated in 1943, they were delighted with the comforts of their new house at Stoborough and fascinated by the electric lights. Unfortunately, ninety three year old Charlie was already sick and died two weeks after moving.

Fern Hollow was the home of the Charlie Millers and a very snug and hospitable home they made of it. It faced the sunrise and a view of Baltington Hill and was protected from the gales by the high, scrub-covered bank behind it. The well-stocked garden sloped down to the stream and trapped the sunshine.

We often visited Fern Hollow and its kindly mistress. The little house, well hidden by the thickets in the hollow …

Lilian Bond, 1956

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