Gate Cottages

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Standing by the gate at the end of the Worbarrow road one of these cottages was home to the Warr family between 1908 and 1919. Mrs Warr, a local lady, was taught at Tyneham school by Harriet Miller. On the left of the photograph, taken in 1943, is Sheepleaze. Behind the chimney is the roof of a small cottage known as ‘Tizzards’. At the turn of the last century it was home to Richard Tizzard, his wife Mary Ann, and their nine children. Above the roof The Bungalow can be seen on the coast path to Flowers Barrow.

A later resident of Gate Cottages was Reggie Ware, who had suffered severe shrapnel wounds in the First World War leaving him with stomach injuries and his left arm virtually useless. Reggie was the grandson of John Wheeler, husband of Mary Jane Wheeler who lived at The Bungalow. He owned a succession of cars and added a garage onto Gate Cottage also a fishing boat called the Witch of Worbarrow.

Shell of Gate Cottages 2009. Copyright Terry Yarrow.

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