The Bungalow

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Photograph courtesy of Charlotte Heath

Initially built as a small bungalow, in 1912, the Bungalow was extended over the years. By 1920 it was already a very sizeable seven bedroom residence as demonstrated by the for sale by auction notice below.

It was home to Mary Jane Wheeler, widow of John Wheeler, a Midlands’ cotton magnate. After she died in 1932 her four adopted children continued to visit with their families and friends. See the Wheeler family page.

In September 1939, Thomas Henry Chambers, an ex-marine seeking work was living at the property with his wife Annie Florence Chambers nee Rose. She was the sister of Ernest Percy Rose who drowned at Worbarrow on 16 June 1923.

At the time of the evacuation in December 1943, Mary Wheeler’s niece, Miss Ethelwyn Maude Ellis, known as Maud, was living at The Bungalow.

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