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Below we provide links to poetry about Tyneham, including contributions from Samantha Day, Fiona Fulton, Steph Gassor and Angela Wybrow.

Poem: “Something is very wrong” by Samantha Day

I’m wandering round my home , I cannot hear a thingI grip onto a bannister, held together with a stringI call out for my parents, where have they disappeared?My older siblings too, why are they not here?It’s always been so lovely, living in this rowOur little group of cottages, a… Continue reading

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Poem: “Tyneham” by Fiona Fulton

Down in the valley where grasses roll to the sea,And blue joins seamlessly with blue,A building graveyard slumbers.High-limbed trees arch over rough walls and empty windows,Stream running clear to nowhere.Step to the schoolhouse-Step, stop and listen.High-pitched voices at play dance lightly,Dust motes of memory.The church bell rings, callsdo not forget… Continue reading

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Poem: “Tyneham” by Steph Gassor

Sometimes my mind strays alone in the valleyWatching the sunshine dappling through the ageless trees.The sweet, clear stream trickles on to the coastlineAdding its own music to the humming of the bees.Then I can wander through the skeletal cottages,Which once were homes with life within their walls.A rusting copper nestles… Continue reading

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Poem: “The Tale of Tyneham” by Angela Wybrow

Nestling in the valley below Whiteway Hill,There stands a village where time’s been standing still.The villagers of Tyneham, they very well rememberThe year of ’43 and that bitterly cold November. The villagers went about their usual daily chores,Oblivious to letters which headed to their doors.To sell their homes, the folk… Continue reading

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