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Beatrice Bessie BALSON died 20 January 1946 – see Beatrice Bessie WALLBRIDGE

Herbert John BALSON died 4 May 1962

BALSON Herbert John of 57 Green Road Poole died 4 May 1962. Administration Winchester 15 August (1962) to Gertrude Ellen Balson widow. Effects £280 10s.

Susan Priscilla BALSON died 28 June 1947 – see Susan Priscilla CHARLES

James BASCOMBE died 21 January 1911

BASCOMBE James of Baltington Farm Tyneham Dorsetshire died 21 January 1911. Administration (with Will) Blandford 21 March (1911) to Bessie Eliza Bascombe widow. Effects £1,101 4s 11d.

Algernon Arthur Garneys BOND died 13 June 1911

BOND Algernon Arthur Garneys of Tyneham Wareham Dorsetshire died 13 June 1911 at the Military Hospital Calcutta India. Administration London 3 June (1912) to William Henry Bond Esq. Effects £926 16s 1d.

Reverend Henry Bond died 27 September 1875

BOND The Reverend Henry. 1 February (1876). The Will with four Codicils attached of the Reverend Henry Bond late of South Petherton in the County of Somerset Clerk who died 27 February 1875 at South Petherton was proved at Taunton by the Reverend John Bond of Weston in he said County Clerk and Thomas Bond of Tyneham in the County of Dorset Esquire the Brothers the Executors. Effects under £18,000.

Herbert Ivo de Kenton BOND died 27 November 1953

BOND Herbert Ivo de Kenton of 1 Queens-avenue Dorchester Dorsetshire died 27 November 1953 at The Dorset County Hospital Dorchester. Probate London 5 February (1954) to Lilian Mary Garneys Bond widow and Charles Henry May solicitor. Effects £9,704 17s 2d.

Leonora Sophia BOND died 21 March 1956

BOND Leonora Sophia of Holme Wareham Dorsetshire spinster died 21 March 1956. Probate Winchester 21 June (1956) to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £10,027 8s 4d.

Louisa Charlotte BOND died 21 July 1963

BOND Louisa Charlotte of East Holme Wareham Dorsetshire spinster died 21 July 1963 at 3 Owls Road Boscombe Bournemouth. Probate Winchester 11 October (1963) to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £20,833 11s.

William Henry BOND died 11 January 1935

BOND William Henry of Tyneham Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 11 January 1935. Probate (save and except settled land) London 11 March (1935) to William Ralph Garneys Bond retired political service officer and Charles Henry May solicitor. Effects £27,335 17s 6d. Further grant 19 August 1935.

BOND William Henry of Tyneham Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 11 January 1935. Probate (limited to settled land) London 19 August (1935) to Lewys Legge Yeatman solicitor and Herbert Ivo De Kenton Bond civil engineer. Effects £8,600. Former grant P.R. 11 March 1935.

William Ralph Garneys BOND died 10 February 1952

BOND William Ralph Garneys of Moigne Combe Dorchester Dorsetshire died 10 February 1952 at Moffat House Weymouth Dorsetshire. Probate London 21 March (1952) to Charles Henry May solicitor. Effects £85,471 0s 7d.

Winifred Mary BRACHI (formerly WHEELER neé MATTHEWS) died 9 September 1942

BRACHI Winifred Mary of the Mill House Bourne End Boxmoor Hertfordshire (wife of Charles Clarence Brachi) died 9 September 1942 at West Hertfordshire Hospital Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire. Administration Oxford 8 January (1943) to the said Charles Clarence Brachi squadron-leader R.A.F. and David Peter Brachi flight-lieutenant R.A.F.V.R. Effects £1,710 2s.

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