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Probate records from 1858 onwards

(of former Tyneham residents)


Herbert John BALSON died 4 May 1962
BALSON Herbert John of 57 Green Road Poole died 4 May 1962. Administration Winchester 15 August (1962) to
Gertrude Ellen Balson widow.
Effects £280 10s.

James BASCOMBE died 21 January 1911

BASCOMBE James of Baltington Farm Tyneham Dorsetshire died 21 January 1911. Administration (with Will) Blandford 21 March (1911) to Bessie Eliza Bascombe widow.

Effects £1,101 4s 11d.

Leonora Sophia BOND died 21 March 1956

BOND Leonora Sophia of Holme Wareham Dorsetshire spinster died 21 March 1956. Probate Winchester 21 June (1956) to Lloyds Bank Limited.

Effects £10,027 8s 4d.

Louisa Charlotte BOND died 21 July 1963

BOND Louisa Charlotte of East Holme Wareham Dorsetshire spinster died 21 July 1963 at 3 Owls Road Boscombe Bournemouth. Probate Winchester 11 October (1963) to Lloyds Bank Limited.

Effects £20,833 11s.

William Henry BOND died 11 January 1935

BOND William Henry of Tyneham Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 11 January 1935. Probate (save and except settled land) London 11 March (1935) to William Ralph Garneys Bond retired political service officer and Charles Henry May solicitor.

Effects £27,335 17s 6d. Further grant 19 August 1935.

BOND William Henry of Tyneham Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 11 January 1935. Probate (limited to settled land) London 19 August (1935) to Lewys Legge Yeatman solicitor and Herbert Ivo De Kenton Bond civil engineer.

Effects £8,600. Former grant P.R. 11 March 1935.

William Ralph Garneys BOND died 10 February 1952
BOND William Ralph Garneys of Moigne Combe Dorchester Dorsetshire died 10 February 1952 at Moffat House Weymouth Dorsetshire. Probate London 21 March (1952) to Charles Henry May solicitor.
Effects £85,471 0s 7d.

Winifred Mary BRACHI (formerly WHEELER neé MATTHEWS) died 9 September 1942

BRACHI Winifred Mary of the Mill House Bourne End Boxmoor Hertfordshire (wife of Charles Clarence Brachi) died 9 September 1942 at West Hertfordshire Hospital Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire. Administration Oxford 8 January (1943) to the said Charles Clarence Brachi squadron-leader R.A.F. and David Peter Brachi flight-lieutenant R.A.F.V.R.

Effects £1,710 2s.

Susan Priscilla CHARLES neé BALSON died 28 June 1947
CHARLES Susan Priscilla of 22 Kimmeridge Dorsetshire widow died 28 June 1947. Administration Winchester 4 September (1947) to
Alfred Charles Balson corporation employee and Adelaide Mabel Godden (wife of Ernest Godden). Effects £877 5s 8d.


Ethel Inez Jane CHAPPLE died 11 July 1960
CHAPPLE Ethel Inez Jane otherwise Ethel Inez of Armidale Salcombe Devon widow died 11 July 1960 at South Hams Hospital Kingsbridge Devon. Probate Exeter 13 September (1960) to
John Stewart Jeffrey Chapple bank manager.
Effects £3,424 19s 4d.

George Stewart CHAPPLE died 13 January 1942
CHAPPLE George Stewart of Primrose Cottage Povington Tyneham Dorsetshire died 13 January 1942. Probate Llandudno 10 August (1942) to
Ethel Inez Jane Chapple widow.
Effects £6,980 16s 6d.

Job CHURCHILL died 26 February 1931

CHURCHILL Job of The Lodge Bury St. Austens Rudgwick Sussex died 26 February 1931. Probate London 27 March (1931) to Edward Louis Churchill farm bailiff and Ralph Neville Jones solicitor.

Effects £2,260 8s.

Albert Thomas COOPER died 3 January 1942
COOPER Albert Thomas of 1 Sunnydale Villas Swanage Dorsetshire died 3 January 1942. Probate Winchester 24 July (1942) to
Charles Edwin Cooper carpenter and Beatrice Mary Cooper spinster.

Effects £1,246 13s.

Joseph COOPER died 30 September 1872
COOPER Joseph. 4 January 1873. The will of Joseph Cooper late of Povington in the Parish of Tyneham in the County of Dorset Yeoman who died 30 September 1872 at Povington was proved at the Principal Registry by
Mary Cooper of Povington Widow the Relict the sole Executrix.

Effects under £300.

William Joseph COOPER died 31 March 1951
COOPER William Joseph of The School House Grange near Wareham Dorsetshire died 31 March 1951. Probate Winchester 24 May (1951) to Ernest Edward Cooper clayworker.
Effects £371 3s 6d.

Frederick de la Poer Beresford CORFIELD died 7 March 1929

CORFIELD the reverend Frederick de la Poer Beresford of The Sanctuary Watchet Somersetshire clerk died 8 June 1954. Probate London 6 September (1954) to Gertrude Phoebe Meirion Rees spinster.

Effects £8,638 6s 4d.

Gertrude Annie CORFIELD died 7 March 1929

CORFIELD Gertrude Annie of Nettlecombe Rectory Williton Somersetshire (wife of the reverend Frederick De la Poer Beresford Corfield) died 7 March 1929. Administration Taunton 17 February (1930) to the said reverend Frederick De la Poer Beresford Corfield clerk.

Effects £84.


Grace DRAPER died 3 May 1923

DRAPER Grace of Bedford House Chiswick Middlesex (wife of Warwick Herbert Draper) died 3 May 1923. Administration London 23 June (1923) to the said Warwick Herbert Draper barrister at law.

Effects £598 4s 5d.

Warwick Herbert DRAPER died 17 May 1926

DRAPER Warwick Herbert of Bedford House The Mall Chiswick Middlesex died 17 May 1926. Probate London 16 June (1926) to Philip Draper engineer and Evelyn John Maude barrister-at-law.

Effects £11,884 10s 11d.


Felix ELMES died 4 March 1923
ELMES Felix of the Rifle Butts Holme-lane Wareham Dorsetshire labourer died 4 March 1923. Probate Blandford 23 March (1923) to
Frederick Charles Talbot labourer and Jane Ann Morris (wife of Albert Edwin Morris).

Effects £146 14s 8d.


Frank FOOKS died 9 February 1947
FOOKS Frank of Frost Breach Grange-road Wareham Dorsetshire died 9 February 1947. Administration Winchester 19 April (1947) to
Eva Gladys Fooks widow.
Effects £106 13s 5d.

Revd. Edwin George Clifford FREND died 15 January 1937

FREND reverend Edwin George Clifford of Tyneham Rectory Corfe Castle Dorsetshire clerk died 15 January 1937. Probate London 13 April (1937) to Edith Frend widow and Randall George Davidson of no occupation.

Effects £10,651 3s 2d.


Edward Frederick GODDEN died 26 March 1964

GODDEN Edward Frederick of 27 Edward Crescent Wareham Dorset died 26 March 1964 at The General Hospital Poole. Administration Winchester 13 August (1964) to Rose Mary Godden widow.


George GOVER died 8 February 1876
GOVER George. 1 April (1876). The Will of George GOVER late of North Egglestone in the Parish of Tyneham in the County of Dorset Yeoman who died 8 February 1876 at North Egglestone was proved at the Principal Registry by
William Hopkins of Organford in the Parish of Lytchett Minster in the said County Esquire and Robert Dorey of Barnston in the Parish of Church Knowle in the said County two of the Executors.

Effects over £4,000.


Revd. Claude Samuel HOMAN died 5 May 1947

HOMAN the reverend Claude Samuel of 72 Parkstone-road Poole clerk died 5 May 1947 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Probate London 14 August (1947) to John Digby Hyde Bankes solicitor Arthur Gerald Biden retired civil servant and the reverend Joseph Pullibank clerk.

Effects £24,025 10s 10d.

Eleanor Elizabeth HOULISTON neé Miller died 18 January 1956
HOULISTON Eleanor Elizabeth of 42 Primrose-avenue Chadwell Heath Essex widow died 18 January 1956. Administration London 10 April (1956) to
Evelyn Annie Houliston spinster and Hector William Frederick Houliston newsagent and tobacconist.
Effects £1,177 8s 5d.

Herbert John HOUSE died 15 August 1958

HOUSE Herbert John of North Holworth Farm Owermoigne Dorset died 15 August 1958 at Dorset County Hospital Dorchester Dorset. Administration London 1 December (1958) to Lloyds Bank Limited.

Effects £21,324 17s 6d.

Charles William HOWARD died 28 November 1928

HOWARD Charles William of Egliston Farm Tyneham Dorsetshire died 28 November 1928. Probate London 1 February (1929) to Emily Alice Howard widow and George Frederick Howard farmer.

Effects £725 17s 1d.

James Symes HULL died 17 June 1917

HULL James Symes of Rew House Winterbourne Saint Martin Dorsetshire died 17 June 1917. Probate London 15 August (1917) to John Chilcott Davy and George Mayo farmers and Anne Hull widow.

Effects £7,957 4s 2d.

William Shetler HULL died 20 February 1885

HULL William Shetler. 25 April 1885. The Will of William Shetler Hull late of Tyneham in the County of Dorset Farmer who died 20 february 1885 at Tyneham was proved at Blandford by William Shetler Hull of Druce Farm in the County of Dorset Joseph Symes Hull of Stinsford Farm in the said County and James Symes Hull of Lower Bockhampton Farm in the said County Farmers the Sons the three Executors.

Personal Estate £1,942 10s 2d.

William Shetler HULL died 20 October 1897

HULL William Shetler of Druce Piddletown Dorsetshire farmer died 20 October 1897. Probate London 2 December (1897) to Susan Frances Hull widow William Shetler Hull farmer and Emily Maude Hull spinster.

Effects £7,052 15s.


Tamar KING (neé FOOKS) died 5 January 1898

KING Tamar of 97 and 97a Shoe-lane London widow died 5 January 1898 at 97 Shoe-lane. Administration London 18 February (1898) to Harriet Sophia King spinster.

Effects £87 10s.


Albert Bernard LONGMAN died 9 December 1943

LONGMAN Albert Bernard of Baltington Farm Tyneham Dorsetshire died 9 December 1943 at Corfe Castle Dorsetshire. Administration Winchester 11 February (1944) to Louisa Winifred Mary Sheasby (wife of Stanley Sheasby) and Reginald Charles Longman.

Effects £3,167 7s 11d.

William Henry LONGMAN died 8 January 1951

LONGMAN William Henry of 12 Belvidere Weymouth Dorset died 8 January 1951 at Malvina Coome-avenue Weymouth. Probate London 10 May (1951) to Raymond Ilfred Henry Longman company director.

Effects £2,231 15s 11d.


Harriet Deborah MILLER (neé WHITE) died 29 August 1947
MILLER Harriet Deborah of Rose Cottage Stoborough near Wareham Dorsetshire widow died 29 August 1947. Administration Winchester 16 September (1947) to
Charlotte Deborah Head (wife of Albert Head).

Effects £648 12s 8d.


Elizabeth Anne PAULL (neé HULL) died 5 March 1917

PAULL Elizabeth Anne of 73 Streatham Hill Surrey died 5 March 1917. Administration London 28 April (1917) to William Ernest Paull ironmonger.

Effects £1,566 17s 5d.

Arthur Charles PRITCHARD died 11 February 1929

PRITCHARD Arthur Charles of the School House Melbury Abbas Dorsetshire died 11 February 1929. Administration London 8 June (1929) to Malvina Pritchard widow.

Effects £213 3s 9d.

Malvina PRITCHARD (neé HARPER) died 16 March 1964

PRITCHARD Malvina of 3 The Crescent Mampitts Road Shaftesbury Dorset widow died 16 March 1964 at Westminster Memorial Hospital Shaftesbury. Administration (with Will) London 8 April (1964) to Arthur Walter Pritchard sales representative.



Charles Churchill REDOUT died 6 August 1872

REDOUT Charles Churchill. 25 September 1872. Admnistration of the effects of Charles Churchill Redout late of Tyneham in the County of Dorset late a Quarter Master belonging to Her Majesty’s Ship ‘Renaldo’ a Bachelor who died 6 August 1872 at Tyneham was granted at Blandford to John Redout of Tyneham Labourer the Father and Next of Kin.

Effects under £100.

Eleanor Elizabeth RYALL (neé  COOPER) died 3 October 1943
RYALL Eleanor Elizabeth of Durlston Park Dairy Southcliff-road Swanage Dorsetshire widow died 3 October 1943. Probate Winchester 12 August (1944) to
Herbert Charles Ryall and Thomas Ryall farmers.

Effects £2,120 2s 11d.

John RYALL died 5 April 1938
RYALL John of Durlston Park Dairy Southcliff-road Swanage Dorsetshire died 5 April 1938. Administration Blandford 2 July (1938) to
Eleanor Elizabeth Ryall widow Herbert Charles Ryall and Thomas Ryall farmers.

Effects £2,310 11s.


Robert SCUTT died 24 April 1866

SCUTT Robert. 18 May (1866). The Will of Robert Scutt late of Baltington Farm in the Parish of Tyneham in the Isle of Purbeck in the County of Dorset Yeoman deceased who died 24 April 1866 at Baltington Farm aforesaid was proved at Blandford by the oath of William Shitler Hull of Druce farm in the Parish of Piddletown in the County aforesaid Yeoman the sole Executor.

Effects under £2,000

Mary STICKLAND died 29 December 1916

STICKLAND Mary of 2 Railway Cottages London-road Salisbury widow died 29 December 1916. Administration Salisbury 29 January (1917) to Agnes Louisa Mary Bowring (wife of Arthur Tom Bowring).

Effects £217 13s 6d.

Thomas House SQUIBB died 6 November 1939

SQUIBB Thomas House of 258 Great West-road Hounslow Middlesex died 6 November 1939. Administration London 20 January (1940) to Emily Louisa Squibb widow.

Effects £791 3s 2d.

Priscilla STYLES (neé Phippard) died 24 April 1903

STYLES Priscilla of Worbarrow-in-Tyneham Dorsetshire (wife of Thomas Thorn Styles) died 24 April 1903. Administration Blandford 25 May (1903) to the said Thomas Thorn Styles coastguard.

Effects £193 10s.

Thomas Thorne STYLES  died 2 June 1925

STYLES Thomas Thorne of Fairholme Northbrook-road Swanage Dorsetshire died 2 June 1925 at the Royal Naval Hospital Portland Dorsetshire. Probate Blandford 21 December (1926) to Minnie Martha Styles widow.

Effects £1,357 15s 2d.


Richard TIZZARD died 7 October 1915

TIZZARD Richard of Worbarrow near Corfe Castle Dorsetshire agricultural labourer died 7 October 1915 Probate Blandford 28 October (1915) to Emma Jane Miller widow.

Effects £264 17s 6d.

Rev. William TRUELL died 12 July 1885

TRUELL The Reverend William. 20 August 1885. The Will of the Reverend William Truell formerly Perpetual Curate of the Parish of Stoke-sub-Hamden in the County of Somerset but late of Tyneham in the County of Dorset Clerk who died 12 July 1885 at Tyneham was proved at the Principal Registry by Jane Truell of Tyneham Widow the Relict the sole Executrix.

Personal Estate £1,606 8s 7d.


Beatrice Bessie WALLBRIDGE neé BALSON died 20 January 1946
WALLBRIDGE Beatrice Bessie of 3 Cornish-road Charlestown Chickerell Weymouth Dorsetshire (wife of Henry George Wallbridge) died 20 January 1946 at The District Hospital Weymouth. Administration Winchester 17 December (1946) to the said
Henry George Wallbridge milk roundsman.
Effects £309 16s 10d.

John WHEELER died 30 November 1913

WHEELER John of Worbarrow near Wareham Dorsetshire died 30 November 1913. Probate London 22 December (1913) to Walter Thomas Ware florist and Mary Jane Wheeler widow.

Effects £2,462 10s.

Rt. Revd. Christopher WORDSWORTH died 21 March 1885

WORDSWORTH The Right Reverend Christopher, Late Bishop of Lincoln D.D. 12 May 1885. The Will with a Codicil of the Right Reverend Christopher Wordsworth late of Riseholme in the County of Lincoln D.D. late Bishop of Licoln who died 21 March 1885 at Harewood in the County of York was proved at Lincoln by the Reverend John Wordsworth of St. Mary’s Entry Oxford Clerk the Son and the Reverend Edward Tucker Leeke of the Minster Yard in the City of Lincoln Clerk and Chancellor of Lincoln the Executors.

Personal Estate £85,258 17s 6d. Resworn October 1885 £89,750 4s 7d.

Christopher Andrewes WORDSWORTH died 6 December 1910

WORDSWORTH Christopher Andrewes of Gordon House Apollo Bunder Bombay India died 6 December 1910 at Bombay. Probate London 10 April (1913) to John Vincent Wordsworth esquire.

Effects £21 5s 5d.

Kathleen Philippa WORDSWORTH died 16 July 1941

WORDSWORTH Kathleen Philippa of Yarrow Bank Kingswear Devonshire (wife of John Vincent Wordsworth) died 16 July 1941. Administration Llandudno 26 August (1941) to the said John Vincent Wordsworth retired fruit grower and Henry Bernard Howard retired bank manager.

Effects £2,267 19s 4d.

Mary WORDSWORTH (neé Reeve) died 25 February 1921

WORDSWORTH Mary of St. Nicholas Hospital Salisbury (wife of the reverend Christopher Wordsworth) died 25 February 1921. Probate London 30 March (1921) to the said reverend Christopher Wordsworth clerk.

Effects £2,743 13s 1d.

Osmund Bartle WORDSWORTH died 2 April 1917

WORDSWORTH Osmund Bartle of St. Nicholas Hospital Salisbury second-lieutenant 23rd M.G.C. died 2 April 1917 in France. Probate London 3 May (1917) to John Vincent Wordsworth esquire and Susannah Mary Wordsworth spinster.

Effects £1,262 1s 4d.

Thomas Walter WRIXON died 24 February 1960

WRIXON Thomas Walter of Hillside Old Hill Wincanton Somersetshire died 24 February 1960. Probate Winchester 28 February (1961) to Eva May Wrixon widow and John Ireland Miller solicitor.

Effects £8,579 18s.