The Tyneham Story

Author: Robert Westwood with contributions by Lynda Price
Publisher: Inspiring Places Publishing
Price: £3.99
ISBN: 9780992807313
Size: A5 40pp + cover

Sections include: Guide for Visitors, Introduction, History, Life in the Early Twentieth Century, Worbarrow, The Army Arrives, Evacuation, Training for D-Day, The villagers move out, After the war, A public enquiry, The Tyneham Action Group, The Nugent Report, Improved public access, Visiting Tyneham, The Church, The School, Other Cottages, The phone box, The Rectory, The Farm, The Army in Purbeck

Includes lots of illustrations – over 20 old images plus some glorious colour images of Tyneham today.

At £3.99 it’s a bargain! Great for potential visitors and the Tyneham converted alike!

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