Poem: “Something is very wrong” by Samantha Day

I’m wandering round my home , I cannot hear a thing
I grip onto a bannister, held together with a string
I call out for my parents, where have they disappeared?
My older siblings too, why are they not here?
It’s always been so lovely, living in this row
Our little group of cottages, a place where friends all go.
Maybe I’ll go along to school, I may just find them there,
I sit at the table at the back, on a bench, not chairs,
The room is full of people, what are they doing here?
The clothes they wear are very strange, my body’s full of fear
The books are all still on the shelf, our cups for milk are too?
What are they holding in their hands, my day is so untrue?
Someone is stood right by my desk, clicking a screen towards the class
The room is cold, the fire is out, some windows have broken glass.
I’m so confused what’s going on, where has everyone gone?
I can’t see friend or family, something is very wrong.
The farm is empty of horses and cows, machinery is rusted and bent
I can’t see my friends who live here, I don’t know where they went!
The tears fall down quietly, wet upon my cheeks
I want to find my mummy, her arms are all I seek.
I run outside and see the Church, I can pray to God for help
I see a note upon the door, I read it and give a yelp
They’ve had to leave, they had no choice, the army took our homes
But why am I still left here, why am I all alone?
I stare down at a gravestone, my name etched on the stone
A white light now surrounds me, I no longer feel alone
I look round and see my mummy, her arms are open wide
My daddy too, and Rosie, stood there side by side
I run to them with all my might, and grab them by their hands
Everything is clearer and now I understand.
Tyneham again is silent, what stories it could tell,
Of families and friends of yesteryear, and the place that they all dwelled.

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