The Gould Family lived at Tyneham from

Thomas Henry Mansbridge Gould (1872-1948):

Tom was the Head Gardener. Tom married Virtue Mary Park Everett (1877-1964) at Tyneham on 20 April 1904. Virtue was the sister of George Everett and aunt of Archie Everett.

Tom and Virtue had:

  • John Cedric James Gould (1912-2010) – John

At the time of the evacuation, most of Virtue’s crockery was smashed while being transported in an old tin bath.

1914: Air Rifle Shooting

On Wednesday evening last week the members of the Povington Club visited Tyneham to shoot the return match to that won by the former Club by seven points on February 7th. Tyneham now won by 19 points, making 184 points, and Povington 165. Scores:- Tyneham – J. Curtis (captain), 23; T. Gould, 22; F. Knight and B. Taylor, 21 each; C, Meech and F. Lucas, 20 each; W. Meech, W. Stickland, and W. Warr, 19 each – total, 184 points. Povington – C. Charles and W. Runyard, 21 each; C. Beauchamp, 20; W. Taylor, 19; W, Cooper, M. Charles, and A. Taylor, 18 each; B. Charles, 16; and A. Norman, 14; – total, 165 points. –

Tyneham v. Frampton (Dorchester). – This match was shot on the same evening, each Club firing at patent targets on their own range. Tyneham won by nine points. Scores:- Tyneham – J. Curtis,23; F, Knight and F. Lucas, 22 each; W. Warr, 21; T. Gould, W. Meech, and B. Taylor,20 each; T. Miller and F. Warr, 17 each – total, 237 points, Frampton – A. Biles, G.H. Whatmore, F. Hansford, and Carter, 21 each; W. Hill, Rev. C. S. Homan, and J. Legg, 19 each; C. Watkins, 17; and E. Dart, 16 – total, 228 points.

Published in Western Gazette, Friday 6 March 1914