Probate – H



Malvina HARPER died 16 March 1964 – see Malvina PRITCHARD

Revd. Claude Samuel HOMAN died 5 May 1947

HOMAN the reverend Claude Samuel of 72 Parkstone-road Poole clerk died 5 May 1947 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Probate London 14 August (1947) to John Digby Hyde Bankes solicitor Arthur Gerald Biden retired civil servant and the reverend Joseph Pullibank clerk. Effects £24,025 10s 10d.

Eleanor Elizabeth HOULISTON neé Miller died 18 January 1956

HOULISTON Eleanor Elizabeth of 42 Primrose-avenue Chadwell Heath Essex widow died 18 January 1956. Administration London 10 April (1956) to Evelyn Annie Houliston spinster and Hector William Frederick Houliston newsagent and tobacconist. Effects £1,177 8s 5d.

Herbert John HOUSE died 15 August 1958

HOUSE Herbert John of North Holworth Farm Owermoigne Dorset died 15 August 1958 at Dorset County Hospital Dorchester Dorset. Administration London 1 December (1958) to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £21,324 17s 6d.

Charles William HOWARD died 28 November 1928

HOWARD Charles William of Egliston Farm Tyneham Dorsetshire died 28 November 1928. Probate London 1 February (1929) to Emily Alice Howard widow and George Frederick Howard farmer. Effects £725 17s 1d.

Elizabeth Anne HULL died 5 March 1917 – see Elizabeth Anne PAULL

James Symes HULL died 17 June 1917

HULL James Symes of Rew House Winterbourne Saint Martin Dorsetshire died 17 June 1917. Probate London 15 August (1917) to John Chilcott Davy and George Mayo farmers and Anne Hull widow. Effects £7,957 4s 2d.

William Shetler HULL died 20 February 1885

HULL William Shetler. 25 April 1885. The Will of William Shetler Hull late of Tyneham in the County of Dorset Farmer who died 20 February 1885 at Tyneham was proved at Blandford by William Shetler Hull of Druce Farm in the County of Dorset Joseph Symes Hull of Stinsford Farm in the said County and James Symes Hull of Lower Bockhampton Farm in the said County Farmers the Sons the three Executors. Personal; Estate £1,942 10s 2d.

William Shetler HULL died 20 October 1897

HULL William Shetler of Druce Piddletown Dorsetshire farmer died 20 October 1897. Probate London 2 December (1897) to Susan Frances Hull widow William Shetler Hull farmer and Emily Maude Hull spinster. Effects £7,052 15s.



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Off Limits: Baltington is strictly off limits at all times.

Baltington Farm from the south-west 1943

Baltington lies to the north west of Tyneham. Sadly the area is off limits.

  • Baltington Farm

Baltington anciently was a manor but by 1774 was just a farm.

The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset by John Hutchins published in 1774
The Bath Chronicle, 2 June 1791

What Three Words location of famhouse entrance = Rucksack Kickers Clearly (switch to satellite view)

Farmers of Baltington have included:

  •  1861 – William Shetler Hullsee Hull family page
  •  1871 – James Symes Hull
  •  1881 – James Symes Hull
  •  1899-1911 – James Bascombe
  •  1911-1943 – Albert Bernard Longmansee Longman family page 

In 1932, Albert Longman employed Mr. S Allen, an engine driver

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