1923: Letter to the Wiltshire Times

The proposed Tank School at Lulworth

Sir: Permit me, on behalf of the residents and, more particularly, the fisherman of this bay, two miles east of the Tank Corps gunnery range near Lulworth, to urge the public and national need for preventing this monstrous local nuisance.

Mr. R. D. T. Yerburgh, M.P. for Southern Dorset, is right in saying that its perpetuation will exclude the public from access to some of the finest of the Dorset coast and impose irksome restrictions on local fishermen.

The creation of the range in war-time was one of the many ugly necessities to which the community was bound to submit. Its continuance, with noisy din of gun practice, admitted risks of unspent shells, essential uncertainty as to when the practice must bar all walking on these splendid cliffs, and the direct interference with the useful and already precarious business of the local fishermen, constitutes a severe indictment against the Government Department concerned, whereas it is just a case where, even in England, the Government should give a lead in preserving in the amenities of this lovely bit of coast, one of our precious national possessions.

For such a gunnery range, waste ground like that of Salisbury Plain or the sands off Shoeburyness should be selected, and not a line of coast-wise downs which hardly has its equal for beauty and accessibility in the whole of England.

Yours faithfully,


Sheepleaze, Worbarrow, Near Corfe Castle, Dorset.

August 15th, 1923.