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Bronze Age
c. 3000BCBurial mounds are built on Povington Heath
Iron Age
c.   400BCFlower’s Barrow hill fort is built on the cliff top above Worbarrow Bay
13th Century
1297The original church at Tyneham is built
16th Century
1563-1583Elizabethan main section of Tyneham House is built for Henry Williams
17th Century
164134 men of Tyneham swear the Protestation Oath
1678Administration of the goods of Henry Miller
1683Nathaniel Bond buys Tyneham and Creech Grange
18th Century
1744Nave roof of St. Mary’s Church is covered with lead & other alterations made
1746Denis Bond dies - his nephew John Bond inherits Tyneham
1784John Bond dies - son Rev. William Bond inherits Tyneham. He builds the South Transept at St. Mary’s Church for the exclusive use of the Bond family leaving the North Transept for the congregation. The seats become known as ‘the Cowstalls’
1784The smaller of the two bells at St. Mary’s Church is recast by R Wells of Aldborne
19th Century
1831Reform Riots
1832South Transept of St. Mary’s Church is replaced with much larger one
1835James Galton, 53, agricultural labourer from Worbarrow is convicted of smuggling
1841Jun 7 Census
1851Mar 30Census
1852Mar 5Rev. William Bond dies - son Rev. Henry Bond inherits Tyneham
1853Village Tap built
1860Tyneham School is built
1861Apr 7Census
1865Mar 4Five men from Worbarrow Coastguard Station drown
1871Apr 2Census
1872A harmonium replaces the barrell organ at St. Mary’s Church
1875Sep 27Rev. Henry Bond dies at South Petherton - W.H. Bond inherits Tyneham
1876Tyneham Rectory is built
1880South porch at St. Mary’s Church is removed and rebuilt as west porch
1881Apr 3Census
1882Alfred Dawson sketches Tyneham House
1883Dec 25The Great Western Railway’s paddle steamer South of Ireland hits the rocks off Worbarrow Bay in fog and is holed. Fortunately all lives are saved.
1891Apr 5Census
1898Rev. John Bond dies
1899Dec 10Tyneham heir Algernon Bond is severely injured in a sortie during ‘The Siege of Ladysmith’ in the Boer War
20th Century
1901Mar 31Census
1902Mr & Mrs W.H. Bond present the church with a new pipe organ as a thank-offering for the recovery of their son “Algy” (Algernon)
1910Worbarrow Coastguard Station is disbanded
1910Sheepleaze Cottage is built at Worbarrow
1910An oak tree is planted to commemorate the coronation of King George V
1911Apr 2Census
1911Jun 13Algernon Bond dies of malaria in Calcutta, India
1914-1918The Great War
1915Aug 21Private Bertie Taylor is killed in action aged 21
1915Dec 8Private Henry (“Harry”) Holland is killed in action aged 27
1916Feb 26Private William Meech is killed in action aged 28
1916Nov 13Private John Holland is killed in action aged 21
1917The M.O.D. acquires land at Lulworth and commences live firing
1917Oct 20Private Henry George Balson is killed in action aged 38
1917Nov 2Private Charles Job Cleall is killed in action aged 27
1923Jun 16William Mintern,15 and his cousin Ernest Percy Rose, 23 drowned in Worbarrow Bay
1924OctThe new Wooden Village Hall is formally opened
1929DecWooden Village Hall is destroyed in gales
1929The public telephone box is installed in Post Office Row
1932Mar 24Tyneham School closes because of the ‘small number of pupils’
1935W.H. Bond dies - son Ralph Bond inherits Tyneham
1937Aug 10Schoolboy Roderick Maurice Fitzgerald ffrench-Mullen aged 13 killed after being thrown from horse at Worbarrow
1939-1945World War 2
1940Ralph Bond forms the Tyneham Home Guard
1940Jul 11Messerschmitt Me110 crash-landed on Povington Heath. The two-man German crew became the first prisoners of the ‘Battle of Britain’
1941Radar Station is built on a ridge above Egliston Gwyle
1941The RAF requisitions Tyneham House as an administration centre for the radar station at Brandy Bay
1943Nov 16The parishioners are served with Notice of Eviction from Major General C H Miller of Southern Command
1943Dec 19The Military take-over: All residents are evacuated
1944Feb 25Able-Seaman Charlton Holland is killed when a German U-Boat sinks HMS Mahratta
1944Dec 29Allied convoy TBC 21 is attacked by German U-boat U-772 in the English Channel, 50°28´N, 02°28´W. The freighter Black Hawk is torpedoed and the blast wounds four (one of whom died later). The survivors were taken on board HMS Dahlia and the ship abandoned. The stern
1947DecGovernment publishes White Paper ‘Needs of the armed forces for land for training and other purposes’
1948MarSir Cecil Oakes chairs Public Inquiry at Masonic Hall in Wareham
1952Compulsory Purchase Order made on Tyneham House
1956Lilian Bond publishes “Tyneham A Lost Heritage”
1966Fire destroys the Rectory
1967DecRodney Legg publishes the first issue of Dorset County Magazine which kick-started the ‘Surrender Purbeck’ campaign
1968May 18Tyneham Action Group is formed with Philip Draper as chairman and Rodney Legg as honorary secretary
1969May 22Deputation from Tyneham Action Group received by M.O.D. in London
1969Tyneham Action Group publishes “Fight for Tyneham”
1970Prime Minister Edward Heath announces Lord Nugent is to chair a Defence Lands Committee to explore which parts of the M.O.D estates could be returned to private ownership
1971May 21Rodney Legg, ‘founder and instigator’ of the Tyneham Action Group, condemns its ‘ill-conceived’ policies
1972Rodney Legg forms rival organisation with the name ‘The 1943 Committee’ - it publishes its ‘Blueprint for Tyneham’
1972Aug 28The 1943 Committee attends a Protest Rally in Tyneham car park
1973Jul 5Lord Nugent publishes Defence Lands Committee Report
1973Jul 5Rodney Legg establishes ‘Friends of Tyneham’
1974The Government provides £10,000 to create a car park and safe paths
1975Sep 5Lulworth Range Walks formally opened by Colonel Sir Joseph Weld
1979First Church Service held at Tyneham in 36 years
1992Rodney Legg publishes “Tyneham Dorset’s Ghost Village”
1995Patrick Wright publishes “The Village That Died For England”
21st Century
2000Millennium Oak Tree planted in churchyard
2003Dec 2160th Anniversary Carol Service held at Tyneham Church
2007Dr. Andrew Norman publishes “Tyneham: A Tribute”
2007Nov: The Army launches its Tyneham Farm project
2008Tyneham Farm renovated and re-opened to the public
2009R J Saville publishes ‘Tyneham in Purbeck’
2012The K1 Mark 236 Telephone Kiosk is renovated
2012Nov 11Service of Remembrance held at Tyneham Church
2014Robert Westwood publishes 'The Tyneham Story'
2016Gordon Lewis publishes 'Tyneham with Worbarrow: Then & Now'

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