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Wills - Dike

The Will of John Dike - 18 October 1636

Anno Dm 1636 Octob: 18

In the name of God Amen I John Dike of Tyneham Sicke in bodie but of good memorie doe make this my last will in mann following Desireing God to pardon all my Sinnes for Jesus Sake and soe to receave me into his kingdome; concerneing my goods I dispose of them in manner following Imprimis I have given to John Symonds the younger a bond for thirtie pounds not yet payed but my will is it shalbe payed when the tyme in the bond mentioned shall come Item I give to Henry Livingston thirteen pounds Item to Piller Canon thirteen pounds Item to Edith Tomes thirteene pounds Item to my brother William my best Coate and six pounds Item to my brother Richard my ffether bed and six pounds Item to John Dike my Godsonne three pounds Item to the poore of Wareham twentie shillings Item to the poore of ....twentie shillings Item I give my lynen and woollen to be parted between John Symonds and Henry Livingston Item I owe my brother Josiah Dike twentie two pounds to be payed to him out of my money or goods Item I name my brother Joseph my Executor and to provide me a reasonable ffunerall and to doe with the residue of my goods as he shall thinke fitting In wittnes whereof I have putt my hand and seale John Dyke In the presence of theis Joane Baker her marke Joane Beaman her marke Item I owe Mr Jolife the Clothier twentie shillings

Proved 12 February 1638/9

PCC Prob11/176

Will kindly transcribed by Ros Dunning