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Gwyle Cottages were home to:

Bob and Alice Wellman (nee Lucas) and their six children: Rose, Vera, James, Ivy, Peter and Joyce.

Harry and Marjorie Grant, son Arthur and adopted son, Cyril Griffiths.

Alice and Bob Wellman c.1950

Mrs. Alice Wellman c.1927

Alice was the daughter of ‘Shepherd Lucas’

who lived in Post Office Row with his

wife Jane and their ten children

The ‘storyboard’ prepared by Lynda Price in 2006 …

Information from the storyboard is reproduced below for ease of viewing.

In 1943 …

In 2012 …


Mum took in children from the east end of London during the war. They had never seen the sea or had a holiday. One lady, now aged 76, wrote to me last year to say she still remembered Tyneham and wondered what I had done since then. I sent her some newspaper cuttings, I even found a photo of her sitting on the doorstep of our cottage.

Arthur Grant 2006

My dad found a Kodak camera, a collapsible one with bellows, on the beach at Worbarrow. We got quite interested in photography. Dad let me use the camera, it was better than our old Box Brownie.     

Arthur Grant 2006


After serving in the Merchant Navy and with Quantas Airways, Arthur settled in Wareham and became a freelance photographer for the local papers.

Harry and Marjorie Grant 1931

In the garden of Gwyle Cottages

My parents moved to Tyneham when Dad got the job as estate woodman for the Bond family. We had John Gould’s house, he moved to Gardener’s Cottage as he had been promoted to head gardener at Tyneham House.

Arthur Grant 2006

Marjorie Grant

Cyril Griffiths c.1943

Adopted son of Harry and Marjorie Grant

Cyril and I played a lot, mostly in te duck pond, when the Gwyle re-emerges from under the road. In 1939, after the war started, we made battleships out of offcuts of old wood using old nails as the 16in guns.

Colin Driscoll 2002

Arthur Grant and Cyril Griffiths 1994

Arthur Grant aged 7 with his new bike

Arthur Grant at the opening of the schoolroom exhibition 1994

An enterprising boy, was young Arthur . He discovered that a good way of making extra pocket money was to volunteer to open and close gates for the increasing number of motorists who began to come from far afield to visit Worbarrow Bay. There were four gates and a penny or two was thrown from the cars as a reward. Pn a good day a boy might take home as much as three or four shillings.

Helen Taylor 1994   

Bob Wellman c.1940

Alice was the daughter of ‘Shepherd Lucas’

who lived in Post Office Row with his

wife Jane and their ten children

Sentimental Journey 1979

The Wellman sisters attend the first service

held in Tyneham Church for thirty six years

Three sisters of the Wellman family who lived and grew up

in Tyneham are seen leaving the church. They are, left to right,

Mrs.Rose Dando, Mrs.Joyce Bugler and Mrs.Ivy Simpson.

Peter and James Wellman 1994

Peter Wellman, 69, left, and his brother

James, 74 come face to face with their past