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Will of Christopher BARON of Teyneham or Baron of Tyneham

29 Jun 1622

PROB 11/139

Will of Dennis BATTRICK of Povington within the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

12 Feb 1656

PROB 11/253

Will of Robert BEACHANT of Tyneham, Dorset

02 Apr 1641

PROB 11/185

Will of Revd. William BOND, Clerk of Tyneham in the Isle of Purbeck , Dorset

07 May 1852

PROB 11/2152

Will of John DIKE of Tyneham, Dorset

12 Feb 1638

PROB 11/176

Will of Richard GARLAND, Yeoman of Tyneham, Dorset

23 Feb 1717

PROB 11/556

Will of Henry HELLIER, Yeoman of Tyneham

15 Jan 1825

Will of Martyn HOPKINS, Yeoman of Povington Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

30 Nov 1654

PROB 11/241

Will of Thomas LYMINGTON of Eggleston, Dorset

14 Jun 1661

PROB 11/304

Will of Richard MARSHALLSAY of North Egglestone Farm, Tyneham

20 Feb 1834

Will of Mary MILLER

Will of Samuel MILLER, Fisherman of Tyneham , Dorset

24 Aug 1848

PROB 11/2079

Will of Grace POINTINGTON of Tyneham, Dorset

09 Nov 1588

PROB 11/73

Will of Adam RICHMAN, Parson of Tyneham within the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

06 Dec 1581

PROB 11/63

Will of Thomas RICKETS, Yeoman of Tyneham, Dorset

14 Mar 1632

PROB 11/161

Will of George SEARLEY, Yeoman of Povington, Dorset

30 Mar 1842

PROB 11/1960

Will of Joseph SYMONDS, Gentleman of Egglestone, Tineham, Dorset

17 Mar 1774

Will of Bruen VINCENT, Gentleman of Povington Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

28 Aug 1662

PROB 11/309

Will of Henry WILLIAMS of Tyneham, Dorset

13 Nov 1589

PROB 11/74

Will of Henry WILLSHIRE, Yeoman of Backington, Dorset

10 Dec 1780

Will of Henry WILLSHIRE, Yeoman of Tyneham , Dorset

28 Aug 1827

PROB 11/1730

Will of Thomas WILLSHIRE, of Baltington Farm, within the parish of Tineham

16 Mar 1794/5

Our thanks to Ros Dunning for transcribing all of the underlined wills above

Wills before 1858

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