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The Will of Robert Beachant - 18 October 1638

Anno domini 1638 Octob: 18th I Robert Beachant of Ponerington in the parish of Tyneham and countie of Dorset doe make this my last will in manner followeinge first desiring god to pardon my sinnes for the merritts of Jesus Christ concerninge my goods I dispose of them in manner followeinge Imprimis I will unto Henry Buck my daughter Joanes sonne twentie pounds Item to Mary Bucke her daughter I give twentie pounds Item I give to Elizabeth Hawkins five pounds Item I give William Beachant of Blanford twentie shillings Item I give Alice Beachant of West Holme twentie shillings Item I give Oliver Whiffin thirtie shillings which my will is shall bee delivered into the hands of the overseers of the poore of Tyneham to be employed by them from tyme to tyme for his good Item to the poore of Tyneham I give tenne shillings Item to the church of Tyneham I give tenne shillings Item to my daughter Judeth I give all my pewter and ......Item my will is that what I have above given to Henry Bucke & Mary Bucke my daughter Joanes children shall not bee delivered unto their father, but top bee imployed by the discretion of my overseers & executor for theire good till they come to the age of one and twentie yeares Item the rest of my goods not given & bequeathed I give to Robert Beachant of Kingstone my god sonne whome I make my sole executor Item I desire my brother John Beachant and Charles Collins to bee executors of this my will Robert Beachant his marke Signed and sealed in the psence of us Joseph Dike John Vincent Lewes Cockrum

Proved 2 April 1641

PCC Prob11/185

Will kindly transcribed by Ros Dunning