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Wills - Lymington

The Will of Thomas Lymington - 25 October 1660

Memorandum that on or about the ffive and Twentieth Day of October in the Yeare of our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty And in the Twelveth yeare of the Rayne of our most gratious Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the Grace of God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the ffaith Thomas Lymington late of Eggleston in the Isle of Purbeck in the County of Dorsett but Departing his Life att Dorchester in the County aforesaid whiles he lived being in perfect mynd and memory And having an intent to settle his Estate Did make and Declare his last Will and Testament Nuncupative or by word of mouth in these or the like words following (That is to Say) My Master Richard Peirce knoweth what Estate I have And I would desire him to pay out of my Estate All the Debts which I owe And I ...... rest unto him the said Richard Peirce The which words or to the....... that the said deceased did speak with an intent .... stand for and be his last Will and Testament  and be performed after his Death in the psence and hearing of Credible Witnesses (That is to say) of Priscilla Wilson and John Wilson

Proved 14 June 1661

PCC Prob11/304

Will kindly transcribed by Ros Dunning