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Worbarrow Bay

Worbarrow Bay, looking towards Cow Corner, 2012

Photo courtesy of Gary Lawton  © Gary Lawton Photography 2012

Worbarrow Bay, looking towards Arish Mell, 2003

Local Landmarks:

Brandy Bay



Cow Corner

Flower’s Barrow

Gad Cliff

Gold Down

Hobarrow Bay

Pondfield Cove

Povington Heath

Tyneham Cap

Whiteway Hill

Worbarrow Bay

Worbarrow Tout

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Worbarrow Bay and Tout, 2012

with Arish Mell beach in the foreground

Photo courtesy of Allan Lawton © Allan Lawton 2012

Worbarrow Bay, with Sea Cottage, c.1910

Coastguards are providing trips around the bay

Just behind is Sea Cottage where the Miller Family lived

"Worthbarrow Bay"

engraved by I.Appleton after a picture by C.Stanfield,

published in Stanfield's Coast Scenery ..., 1836.

Reproduced courtesy of