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Tyneham Video Clips You Tube

Check out some of our favourite links to You Tube videos about Tyneham & Worbarrow. Take a look around the village today and hear what former residents have to say.

Lauren Learns History (2021) | 10:27

Narrated by Lauren Grierson. Produced by Lauren Learns History.

Death of a Village (2007) | 9:18

Featuring interviews with former resident Douglas Churchill, campaigner Rodney Legg and range warden Paul Fancy.

Narrated by Jane MacFarland. Produced by Chris Taviner with Matt Hatchard.

Remembering Tyneham (2008) | 4:37

Featuring interviews with author Dr. Andrew Norman and former resident Arthur Grant.

Filmed, produced & directed by Cein McGillicuddy.

Tyneham Ghost Village (2007) | 9:11

Featuring photographs of the Davis and Holland families and many of the village. No narration. Onscreen titles.

Film made by Mark White.

Tyneham Village (2011) | 6:10

Footage of most of Tyneham village buildings including aerial stills. No narration. On screen titles.

Film made by Shaun Matthews of Low Level Aerial Photography.

Tyneham the lost village (2011) | 7:22

A brief tour of the village buildings including Tyneham Church, Tyneham School and Tyneham Farm narrated by Peter Marsh.

Film made by Peter Marsh from Reading Film & Video Makers Club 2011

Tyneham Memories (2013) | 14:57

Major General Mark Bond is interviewed by Vince Jones, producer of ‘Tyneham: The Musical’

Published by ‘Tyneham: The Musical’.

Tyneham Village (2013) | 4:41

Footage of The Row, Tyneham School, Rectory Cottages, Tyneham Church & Rectory. No narration.

Film by Axell Photo Studios.

The Last Harvest – Henry Buckton (2017) | 4:53

Song about Tyneham village, Dorset

Song by Henry Buckton with images taken from this website

Tyneham Village (2017) | 3:57

Narrated overview with footage of buildings.

Film by Mark at Silverlight.

Tyneham Village (2018) | 4:42

Aerial footage of Tyneham Rectory, Gould’s Cottage and Tyneham Church. No narration.

Film made by EagleVista Aerial Imaging.

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