Are there any shops or cafes?

No. The village was last inhabited in 1943 so there is no café or shop, nor is drinking water available.


Are there any picnic areas?

Yes. There are picnic tables near the car park and at nearby Tyneham Farm for those bringing their own refreshments.

There are no litter bins so please take your litter home with you.


Are there any toilets?

Yes. There are limited toilet facilities (including for the disabled) at Tyneham Farm two minutes walk from the car park. There are no toilets at Worbarrow.



What is phone reception like?

Very poor. As no one lives in Tyneham and the immediate surrounding area, there are no phone masts nearby , so mobile phone reception is unreliable.

Although there is an old-style Telephone Box at Tyneham, complete with old-style phone, it has NO telephone connection.

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