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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions abiot Tyneham

This section provides answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about visiting Tyneham.

Are there any shops or cafes?

No. The village was last inhabited in 1943 so there is no café or shop, nor is drinking water available.

Frequently asked questions: Picnic areas?

Are there any picnic areas?

Yes. There are picnic tables near the car park and at nearby Tyneham Farm for those bringing their own refreshments. There are no litter bins so please take your litter home with you.

Frequently asked questions: Toilets?

Are there any toilets?

There are portaloos at Tyneham Farm two minutes walk from the car park. Sadly the main toilet block was vandalised and will remain CLOSED until further notice. There are no toilets at Worbarrow.

Frequently asked questions: Mobile phone reception

What is mobile phone reception like?

Very poor. As no one lives in Tyneham and the immediate surrounding area, there are no phone masts nearby , so mobile phone reception is unreliable.

Although there is an old-style Telephone Box at Tyneham, complete with old-style phone, it has NO telephone connection.

Frequently asked question: Dogs?

Are dogs allowed?

Yes. But please keep your dog under control. There is no provision for the disposal of litter or dog waste at Tyneham. If you choose to clear up after your dog, please take the bag home with you. Alternatively, please ensure the un-bagged waste is left to degrade naturally away from public footpaths.

Frequently asked questions: Off limits?

Are any areas off-limits?

Yes. Remember Tyneham and Worbarrow are part of the Ministry of Defence Lulworth Ranges. As the area is a LIVE FIRING range, while walking away from the track to Worbarrow you must KEEP TO THE PATHS MARKED WITH YELLOW POSTS at all times. 

Tyneham House and the former hamlets and farmsteads of Baltington, North Egliston, South Egliston and Povington are in the restricted zone and NOT accessible to the public.

Frequently asked questions: Photos? Filming?

Are there any restrictions on taking photos or filming?

No. You are free to take photographs and use video cameras in Tyneham Village and Worbarrow. Of course, you must not enter any areas that are off-limits. If doing a ‘film shoot’, you must not deny access to other members of the public.

Can metal detectors be used?

No. Metal detectors must NOT be used.

Can schools visit during term time?

Special arrangements can be made for organised school parties to visit on Friday afternoons once firing has finished.

Arrangements must be confirmed in advance.

Enquiries should be made in writing to:

Range Control
DTE Lulworth
BH20 5QF

Please note we are NOT the Ministry of Defence who are responsible for the actual village (opening times, exhibitions, car park, toilet facilities etc.) and the surrounding ranges (clearing paths of ammunitions etc.).

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Page last updated: 11 September 2021