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Books about Tyneham

There are many books about Tyneham. Below we show images of the books we highly recommend and others we commend. We also provide further details of all known books including ISBN numbers etc.

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*** Highly Recommended:

Highly recommended books include:

  • The Tyneham Story
  • Tyneham – A Tribute
  • Tyneham Ghost Village
  • Tyneham – A Lost Heritage

** Commended:

Commended books include:

  • Tyneham – The Lost Village of Dorset
  • Tyneham in Purbeck – A Short History of the Parish
  • Tyneham with Worbarrow – Then & Now
  • The Village That Died For England – The strange story of Tyneham

* Other books

Other books worth a look include:

  • A Tyneham Boyhood – The Rooks in the Elm Trees
  • The Fight for Tyneham

Some books are out of print. Some can be obtained on sites such as Amazon and eBay but please be careful not to pay the inflated prices of some online sellers.

Page last updated: 22 April 2020