Tyneham Farm

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MUST SEE: Some of the Tyneham Farm outbuildings have been restored and now house a variety of farm implements. Check out the Tyneham Barn stage, the Scrappy Wall and the garden.

Getting there: From Tyneham Car Park head south on the unmade road that leads towards the toilets. Tyneham Farm is a very short distance beyond the toilets.

Things to look out for:

  • Storyboard on way into farm
  • Scrappy wall
  • Tyneham Barn
  • Cottage Garden

Known farmers of Tyneham Farm include:

  • 1902-1940 Walter Case Smith (1861-1948) see the Smith family page
  • 1940-1943 Sydney George Churchill (1900-1975)see the Churchill family page

Please be aware that Tyneham Farmhouse is no longer standing. The milking parlour is now used as public toilets. 

The dairyman’s house and farmhouse formed one block of building with a common roof, excellent dwellings both. A colonnaded lean-to on the north side of the dairy-house accommodated the great cheese press, and the vats connected with the cheese-making, a process carried out by ‘dairy chap’ and wife in spotless pinners.”

Lilian Bond

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