Tyneham Farm

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MUST SEE: Some of the Tyneham Farm outbuildings have been restored and now house a variety of farm implements. Check out the Tyneham Barn stage, the Scrappy Wall and the garden.

Getting there: From Tyneham Car Park head south on the unmade road that leads towards the toilets. Tyneham Farm is a very short distance beyond the toilets.

Things to look out for:

  • Storyboard on way into farm
  • Scrappy wall
  • Tyneham Barn
  • Cottage Garden

Known farmers of Tyneham Farm include:

  • 1902-1940 Walter Case Smith (1861-1948) see the Smith family page
  • 1940-1943 Sydney George Churchill (1900-1975)see the Churchill family page

Please be aware that Tyneham Farmhouse is no longer standing. The milking parlour is now used as public toilets. 

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