The Barnes family lived at 3 The Row – Post Office from 1910 to 1938.

Harry Barnes (1877-1915)

Harry Barnes was baptised at Morden on 26 August 1877. He was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Barnes. Elizabeth was baptised Frances Elizabeth Bridle at Morden on 4 June 1848.

Harry married his cousin, Edith Knight, at East Lulworth on 24 June 1908. Edith was baptised at East Lulworth on 5 October 1884. Her father George Knight was a baker by trade and became sub-postmaster at East Lulworth. Her mother was Emily Caroline Knight nee Barnes, the sister of Harry’s father, Thomas.

Harry & Edith ran the Tyneham Post Office & Shop and had a daughter, Phyllis May Barnes, born at Bere Regis in 1909, and twins born 21 July 1912, Mona Marion Barnes at 9.30pm and Graham Knight Barnes born at 10pm.

Edith was the postmistress through to the 1930s.

“Mrs. Barnes took over when Mrs Pitman retired and the general stores then became a Post Office as well. It was hardly big enough, what with parcels waiting to be collected, bags of flour and soda having to be stacked upon the floor and all the provisions Mrs. Barnes was required to stock. Business was brisk indeed, but I wondered whether we should soon not be able to get into the shop for clutter.”          Helen Taylor, 1994

Harry died on 1 August 1915 at Smithfield and his widow Edith married Scotsman James Forgan Herd (1892-1943) at Tyneham on 22 May 1920.

By September 1939, Edith and James were living at Crossways near Dorchester.

James died in March 1943. He was living at Windyhooks, Mill Lane, Wareham at the time and was buried at Wareham. Edith Herd, widowed for the second time, died at Poole General Hospital in January 1971 and was buried at Wareham.

Phyllis May Barnes married Arthur William Stockley in 1934 and died in 1987. Mona Marion Barnes married Luigi Pantanella in 1939 and died in 1969 aged 57. Graham Knight Barnes died in 1957 aged 45.

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