John Miller (1713-1780)


John was the youngest of five children born to Henry Miller (c.1680-1747) and Esther Miller neé Nelson.

John married Mary Rumsey (1721-1780) at Tyneham in 1739.

John and Mary had nine children:

Henry Miller (1740-) – Henry married Mary Rowe at Wareham in 1764. Henry and Mary had nine children.

Betty Miller (1742-1742) – Betty was baptised 9 May 1742 and was buried just less than a month later on 8 June 1742.

John Miller (1743-) – John married Priscilla Coastfield (1745-1820) at Worth Matravers. John and Priscilla had six children.

William Miller (1748-)

Mary Miller (1751-)

James Miller (1754-) – James was baptised at Tyneham on 15 September 1754. He married Martha Coastfield (1754-1840) on 21 October 1783 at Worth Matravers. Martha was the youngest sister of Priscilla Coastfield (his brother John’s wife). James and Martha had a daughter, Martha Miller (1789-) and she married her cousin Thomas Miller (1782-), son of her father’s brother John Miller and mother’s sister Priscilla Coastfield. Martha senior died in April 1840 aged 86 and James died three months later in July 1840 aged 85. They were buried at Tyneham.

Thomas Miller (1757-)

Robert Miller (1760-) – Robert married Susannah Wilcox in 1785. Robert and Susannah had twelve children.

Samuel Miller (1763-) – Samuel married Elizabeth Bradford at West Lulworth and they had nine children.

John and Mary both died in 1780.

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