John Miller (1743-1808)


John was the third child of nine born to John Miller (1713-1780) and Mary Miller neé Rumsey (1721-1780). He was baptised at Tyneham on 28 August 1743.

John married Priscilla Coastfield (1745-1820) on 29 April 1779 at Worth Matravers. Priscilla was the third of six daughters of Thomas and Rebecca Coastfield (nee Bower).

John and Priscilla had six children:

John Miller (1780-1864) – John did not marry. In 1861 he was living with younger brother Henry (1784-) and his wife Jane.

Rebecca Miller (1781-)

Thomas Miller (1782-) – Thomas married his cousin Martha Miller, son of James Miller (his father John’s brother) and Martha Coastfield (his mother Priscilla’s sister).

Henry Miller (1784-) – Henry married Jane Langrish at West Lulworth in 1817. Henry and Jane had ten children:

Sarah Miller (1786-)

Mary Miller (1787-1787) –

It is believed that John died in 1808. Priscilla died in April 1820 aged 74. John and Priscilla were buried at Tyneham.

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