3 The Row – The Post Office

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The third cottage in the Row was the shop, and from 1890 became a Post Office too.

Shopkeepers & Sub-Postmasters/Postmistresses:

  • 1880-1890 William Mores
  • 1890-c.1905 Mrs Anne Mores
  • c.1905-1910 Mrs Jane Pitman nee Tizzard – see the Tizzard family page
  • 1910-1915 Harry Barnes – see the Barnes family page
  • 1915-1938 Mrs Edith Barnes nee Knight (known as Mrs Edith Herd following her second marriage in 1920) – see the Barnes family page
  • 1938-1942 Mrs Gwendoline Driscoll – see the Driscoll family page

Three customers at a time produced a traffic jam and, when the counter was piled high with parcels waiting for the postman, the postmistress was scarcely visible behind the rampart. The shop had a fine, rich blend of smells, bacon and cheese predominating, with alluring under-currents of tea, liquorice and peppermint. A big cardboard box displayed needles and thimbles, cotton reels, mending wool, buttons and tape, all priced at a copper or two. The telephone, for the receipt and dispatch of telegrams only, lived in the kitchen for the sake of privacy, but Mrs.Pitman’s voice repeating messages could be distinctly heard by customers in the shop. The substance of incoming telegrams was often known all round the village before they reached their lawful destination.

Lilian Bond